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APPLIED: having a practical purpose or use; to make use of as relevant; to bring into action; to use for or assign to a specific purpose.

We help design / re-design, automate and implement knowledge and analytics processes across
business functions, across industries. Our consulting solutions are focused on generating continuous
benefits for our clients.

As organizations embark on their ‘digital journeys’, we provide our clients relevant and impact-driven
for their business and analytics process challenges. And we do so by complementing our
domain expertise and analytics experience with automation and technology platforms; resulting in
increased productivity, new capabilities, superior quality, and quicker time-to-market for our clients.

We leverage our Agile D3 framework to run the diagnostics, co-design solutions and ultimately help
implement the solution while constantly identifying new areas for driving efficiency.

At the heart of business challenges lie some basic themes: streamline workflows, increase collabora-
tion, maximize information re-use, and bring about the most contextual analytics and automation
to unlock growth and maximize efficiency.

Case Study:
Building the right Knowledge Management System

Improving Knowledge Management that helps not just storage and cataloguing, but also seamless dissemination, access and user interactivity. Read more on how we conceptualized and implemented a custom Knowledge Management System for a major private philanthropic foundation.

Case Study:
Driving Customer Value with Better Engagement Strategy

Learn more on how our comprehensive analytics-led approach helped enhance the customer engagement strategy for a leading software company. Not only did simulations and visualizations help in driving recommendations, but there was tangible increase in sales velocity.

Case Study:
Increasing Marketing Impact for a Global Asset Manager

A large-scale investment manager with more than $500bn assets under management engaged Evalueserve to develop a target operating model for its marketing team that would enhance their operational efficiency, marketing effectiveness and overall customer experience.
Read more here.