The smartest view of commercial data for pharma
and life sciences

Gathering up-to-date commercial data for the pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare markets is perceived as both costly and time consuming. One solution overcomes issues with lack of data standardization, variable market definitions and double counting to help you get on top of the available data: Datacrest.

Datacrest offers a next-generation user experience that facilitates even the most complex analytics. Datacrest is a market-leading third-party business intelligence solution for commercial data management in the dynamic pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare industries

Scalable data management tools

Excellent data analytics

Open technology architecture

Integration of data from any supplier

Highly intuitive construction

Datacrest is designed to be the only commercial data management solution you’ll ever need

It combines comprehensive tools with deep expertise.

Full set of scalable tools
Datacrest has the full set of scalable tools for data gathering, maintenance and analytics.
Center of Excellence
The solution is backed by a dedicated Center of Excellence for Business Intelligence near Cologne in Germany and a global network of experts.

Datacrest is designed to give users the power to decide how much of the solution they need and where the data should come from

Open technology architecture
Thanks to its superior open technology architecture, Datacrest modules can be individually or collectively integrated with other business intelligence solutions and upstream or downstream workflows.
Compatible with all data suppliers
Datacrest also gives you the freedom to select your preferred commercial data suppliers without concerns about integration challenges.

Using Datacrest yields 15–20% efficiency gains in business intelligence workflows

Highly friendly to new users
Datacrest is highly intuitive, requiring minimal onboarding and training.
More time for insight generation
Datacrest is proven to reduce the time spent on routine tasks, freeing up time for generating valuable insights.
De-siloed data resources
Datacrest delivers consolidated, manageable data resources without the silos that slow workflows down.