Use Insightsfirst Conference Intelligence to track and analyze all relevant industry conferences to increase the comprehensiveness of your competitive intelligence. Monitor all aspects of events, from pre to post event.

  1. Speaker and influencer tracking: Track the speakers and influencers who will be attending the conference. This can help identify key players in the industry and potential opportunities for partnerships or collaborations.
  2. Competitor tracking: See the conferences and events that their competitors are attending, as well as the sessions and speakers they are covering. This can help identify potential threats and opportunities in the market.
  3. Industry trend analysis: Receive analytics and insights on industry trends based on the conferences and events being tracked. This can help you stay informed about the latest developments in the industry and adjust their coverage strategy accordingly.
  4. Promotional Intelligence: See how competitors are presenting themselves to the market with detailed pictures of their booth, including the messaging and handouts they are using.