Beat your Competitors

Track your competitors every move for a competitive advantage.
Unified competitive landscape view helps you compete intelligently and make informed decisions. Includes competitor news, thought leadership, investments, capability enhancements, social media footprint, and more.
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Get ahead of the market

See sector & market trends to plan your strategic moves.
Elevated view of a focused sector with insights on sector trends, threat and opportunities, emerging themes, key competitor / account updates, C-suite chatter, and more.
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Win more deals

Identify new opportunities and improve sales win rates.
Identify your potential opportunities and receive sales account intelligence, including battle cards, product benchmarking, and trigger-based opportunities.
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Supplier & Partner Management

Improve your supply chain & vendor costs.
Improve your supply chain understanding for better sourcing decisions. Leverage actionable insights across your categories, markets, and suppliers.
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R&D & Innovation Strategy

Devise a competitive portfolio direction for innovation.
Decide on your portfolio direction for R&D and Innovation investment based on upcoming technologies; identify KOLs to work with; mitigate legal risk; benchmark against the competition.
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