Keep a pulse on the evolving landscape of your industry, identify new opportunities and threats, and optimize your positioning strategies for maximum impact with benchmarking and comparator tools.

With Insightsfirst Conference Intelligence, get benchmarking on:

  • Market and R&D landscape analysis: A comprehensive analysis of the market and R&D landscape, providing insights into the latest developments, products, and players in the industry.
  • Competitive benchmarking: Benchmark competitors’ positioning strategies, clinical data, etc. against yours. This can include analyzing trial results, topline data, promotional messaging, branding, and marketing tactics across multiple conferences and events.
  • Customizable alerts: Set up customizable alerts to receive notifications when new clinical data or promotional messaging is released, or when there are significant developments in the market or R&D landscape.
  • Visualizations and analytics: Easy-to-understand visualizations and analytics of the clinical data, market trends, and competitive landscape makes it easy to understand and communicate the insights to your team.