Insightsfirst is here to help you and your teams make better decisions. Easy-to-use functionality makes centralizing, analyzing, and distributing actionable insights a breeze.

  • Ready-to-deliver formats: All insights in the platform are curated and contextualized by domain experts, making them easy to share and act on by a variety of stakeholders, including executives and team members. Formats include presentations, word clouds, visualizations, PDFs, and more.
  • Configurable reports: Curate reports to your specific needs, choosing from a variety of data sources, metrics, and visualizations. This can include data from multiple conferences and events, as well as other market and competitive intelligence sources.
  • Collaborative planning: Easily collaborate with your team on planning and scheduling for the conference, simplifying team coordination on your coverage strategy and avoid conflicts.
  • Newsletters & Alerts: Generate automated newsletters with the most important information, sent straight to your inbox, so you never miss an important finding. This can include highlights from recent conferences and events, as well as other relevant market and competitive intelligence insights.