Insightsfirst is build with domain-specific AI to improve your speed and efficiency.

The AI helps to filter out noise from collected data and summarize key insights.

  • Audio & Video Analytics: Evalueserve’s AI engine can view, transcribe, and extract summarized takeaways from audio and video files in 1/3 the duration of the content.
  • Phrase Cloud Generation: Phrase clouds highlight key themes and trends in data, making it easier for you to identify and analyze the most important information.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Use advanced natural language processing (NLP) techniques to identify varying sentiments (positive, neutral, and negative) from articles, so you can gain a deeper understanding of the subjective information in an expression, including opinions, appraisals, emotions, and attitudes towards a topic or company.
  • Summary Generation: Transform the way you consume content with our AI-enabled abstractive summarization tool, which automatically captures the main points and produces human-like summaries for articles. Our tool utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to automatically summarize articles or documents of any size, selecting the most important sentences from the entire content to generate a summary.