Comprehensive workflow platform for investment bankers

Pitchflow: Modern digital collaboration tool and content management platform for investment banks

Pitchflow enables deal teams to pitch their best ideas and scale to every new opportunity efficiently.

Comprehensive workflow platform for investment bankers

Pitchflow significantly enhances banker pitch efficiency and effectiveness

Real-time pitch collaboration with built-in version management

Simple yet effective content management for easy re-use and integration

Multi-device compatibility for the mobile banker

Manage and prioritize workflow across multiple projects

Why choose Pitchflow?

Pitchflow is the most pre-configured and secure platform for investment bankers, bringing significant efficiency and scalability to the pitch process.

Highest level of standards compliance
Pitchflow is available as a full on-premise solution that meets the highest information security standards.
Significantly improves junior banker satisfaction
Free up analysts’ and managers’ time to concentrate on improving the pitch, scaling up and discovering more opportunities.
Knowledge management and search at scale
Powerful search, catalogue and re-use features enabled by machine learning.
Easier oversight
Fully user-driven workflow with real-time collaboration and updates reducing re-work, email dependency and design issues.

Key features

What can Pitchflow do for you?

Plan your pitch
Pitchflow lets you set up deal teams with individual profiles and full permissions management, plus reusable templates so you can develop content quickly and easily.
Share, collaborate and control versions
Pitchflow supports real-time collaboration on creating and editing pitch content. Assets and data are brought together in a centralized repository and every update is tracked.
Staffer intelligence
Real-time dashboards for staffers, business management and COOs to track projects, utilization and other key metrics.
Work anywhere, any time
Pitchflow’s web-based environment means the deal team can work from anywhere. State-of-the-art security keeps all your data safe.


Pitchflow aims to drive significant benefits within investment banking
departments by leveraging the power of digital, analytics and automation.

Increase effectiveness and efficiency
25–30% better efficiency in developing pitches by organizing key knowledge assets, workflow and collaboration.
Banker satisfaction
Millennial bankers demand modern tools. Pitchflow helps you differentiate in the talent marketplace, drive employee satisfaction and improve productivity.
Scalable solution
Pitchflow is fully secure and uses the power of automation and analytics to drive scalable solutions for both senior and junior bankers.