Pricing & Revenue Management

Increased competition and the acute focus on the bottom line is compelling organizations to rethink pricing strategies. Complex analytics must be applied to comprehensive data to generate the right roadmap to improve the top line, margins, market share and customer experience.

Evalueserve’s experts have designed integrated, preditive analytics methods to help tailor the best-fitting pricing and promotion strategy for your business, whatever your industry.

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Our data scientists and domain experts build custom analytics solutions to address the needs of the client industry and team. We focus our efforts where they will have the greatest impact: building tactical wins, setting the strategic roadmap, setting up "what if?" scenarios and more!

Data Management & Automation

  • Pricing 360 dashboards
  • Automation of yearly pricing catalog program
  • Technical price structure datamart
  • Data stewardship (on contract data)

Descriptive & Diagnostic Analysis

  • Price–volume mix analysis
  • Price waterfall & leakage analysis
  • Win/loss analysis
  • Price perception analysis
  • Price-based segmentation
  • Channel partner performance

Predictive Analytics

  • Price sensitivity & elasticity models
  • Contribution modelling
  • Market response modelling
  • Bundle pricing
  • Price promotion lift analysis
  • Willingness-to-pay analysis
  • Attribute-based pricing

Prescriptive Analytics

  • Price benchmarking
  • Strategic alignment of pricing strategies
  • Pricing simulation ("what if?" analysis)
  • Discount markdown optimization
  • Price optimization
  • Price tests (test & learn)

Technical Capabilities

Evalueserve has established and proven our mind+machine approach in a full range of industry settings. With our comprehensive combination of domain experience, research and analytics expertise, and digital tools, platforms and automations, we can tackle any research and analytics challenge efficiently and successfully.

Our capabilities include techniques and technologies for handling advanced analytics, big data, and insightful visualizations. We use a whole range of proprietary and third-party platforms and programs to ensure that we can flexibly answer any business question. Contact us for more information on how we can apply these technologies and methods to address your research and analytics requirements.

Advanced analytics
Predictive & prescriptive analytics
Artificial intelligence with machine & deep learning
Big data
Leveraging cutting-edge big data platforms
Expertise with Hadoop, Spark, Tensor Flow, Hive, R, Python & more
Digital capabilities
Empanelled partnership with Adobe
Multi-platform expertise, incl. Google Analytics, Omniture, Webtrends, Sysmos & Doubleclick
Platform-agnostic approach to deliver business insights
Cross-trained teams with experience on Tableau, MS-PowerBI, Qlik, Spotfire & D3JS, among others
Analytics Center of Excellence
Step-by-step process to establish your Analytics CoE
Building blocks include strategy, organizational model, data management, RoI frameworks & partnerships
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Optimization platforms
Proprietary platforms for sentiment analysis, forecasting, segmentation, customer analytics & more