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Supplier Risk Tracking & Alerts

An innovative new product designed to give you real-time tracking and alerts for a wide range of potential risks associated with your key suppliers.

How our risk platform can help your team

Real-time alerts delivered based on specific criteria designed by you.

A daily cumulative score across all risks for each of your suppliers.

A heat-map dashboard for easy viewing one or multiple categories.

The ability to request custom analyses to help do a deeper research of a potential risk and take the right actions.
How our risk platform works
Monitors daily over 100,000 data sources that include news services, industry websites, blogs and analyst reports
Scans for information related to more than 150 risks factors, including; investigations, litigation, management changes, M&A, operational, financial, regulatory, disruptions, etc.
Covers English, Mandarin, Spanish, German and French, with additional languages being added
Combines both unstructured and structured data (e.g. news reports)
Enterprise-wide access and the ability to feed this data directly into your own systems and dashboards, if required