Service Design Consulting
Reimagine core functions with our expertise in analytics, operations and business domains

Reimagine the way you work and create more value

Forward-thinking organizations, across industries, are rethinking their business processes and operating models. In doing so, they save resources and boost efficiency. But the ultimate prize is to create more value for their customers.

The key to reimagining core functions is to blend the known and the unknown. First, you ask ‘How do we do it now?’ and then ‘How can we do it better?’ Finally, you measure the improvements you make over time.

Making long-term improvements means co-ordinating many different moving pieces – without ever losing sight of the big picture. We draw on business context, customer experience and technology to build solutions that deliver now and into the future.

Service design solutions based on mind+machine™ methodology
Skills, talent and technology
We offer multi-disciplinary global teams and a robust delivery platform
Turning your data into insight
We harness the hidden power of your data to generate predictive insights
Smarter workflows
Let us make your business workflows smoother, more collaborative and more integrated
Digital Toolkits
Our proven automation toolkits drive efficiency and effectiveness
Case study: Increasing Marketing Impact for a Global Asset Manager
A large-scale investment manager with more than $500bn assets under management engaged Evalueserve to develop a target operating model for its marketing team that would enhance their operational efficiency, marketing effectiveness and overall customer experience.
Designing relevant, impact-driven solutions
The mind+machine™ difference

We complement our domain expertise and analytics experience with automation and technology platforms to bring our clients increased productivity, new capabilities, superior quality and quicker time-to-market

Diagnose · Design · Deliver

Our unique Agile D3 framework let us co-design customized solutions and seek out new ways to drive efficiency

Bringing strategy to life

Our multi-disciplinary, domain-focused senior consultants work with you on-site, leading experimentation and ideation where you work

Achieving continuous improvement

Improvement never ends – and adoption is the key to success. Through our global delivery platform, we make sure the right insights reach the right stakeholders at the right time, and take root in your day-to-day operations

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