Evalueserve's Solutions

Thanks to years of experience in the financial services and index industries, our researchers and analysts can support the development of index strategies, the calculation, maintenance and publication of indexes, and all the associated reporting. We use a range of technologies and techniques so that we can adapt to your IT infrastructure. What’s more, by assigning a dedicated team to each client, we ensure confidential, consistent and timely service.

Evalueserve's Solutions

What gives us the Edge?

  • Over seven years of experience of working with the largest index providers, global investment banks, and hedge funds on indices across asset classes and geographies
  • Over 120 index quant specialists and experienced research scholars with deep knowledge of capital markets and training in Python / Matlab / R /MS Excel/VBA/ Java/ C#/ MS Access/ SQL
  • Customized training, including technical training programs that address relevant business needs of the index business
  • Complete time zone coverage (24x5) with teams located in India and Chile, which allows for real-time support and publishing.
  • Flexible operating and pricing models, including FTE teams and output-based pricing

Mind+machine™ in Index and Quant

Evalueserve has been investing heavily in technology to build tools and products that can make the process of index and quantitative research better, faster, and more efficient. Our mind+machine™ approach helps clients drive productivity and effectiveness through a technology-enabled approach, which includes:

  • A wide set of technology platforms and tools that improve time to market, quality, productivity, and regulatory compliance
  • Proprietary enterprise-wide mind+machine platform for index calculation; modular structure for index development, and flexible back-testing that accommodates bespoke and complex indices

Index Creation

  • Defining the scope index strategy and refining index rules, by back-testing different scenarios and checking parameter sensitivity
  • Documentation support for index rule books for regulatory compliance

Calculation and Dissemination

  • On-boarding indices and generating index levels
  • Distributing index values to various third-party data vendors, such as Bloomberg and Nasdaq

Maintenance and Rebalancing

  • Daily index maintenance
  • Adjustments for corporate actions/ coupon payments
  • Rebalance and reconstitution


  • Factsheet generation
  • Quarterly and yearly performance reports

Database Management

  • Daily maintenance such as corporate actiondatabases
  • Upgrade of databases to connect to different data sources and/or on-board new indices

Index Automation

  • Liaison with clients to automate their index models and/or rebalancing modules
  • Work with clients to create platforms such as report generation and index reconciliation.