China’s Economic Recovery – Weekly Briefing

There has been a high  level of interest from our clients and partners on the recovery in China. Therefore, we have decided to roll-out our live and continuous coverage through a dynamic and in-depth Economic Recovery Tracker. This will improve the accuracy of the information that is shared, and provide a lot more flexibility in terms of analyzing the information.

The Chinese economy has been showing signs of recovery for the last 4-5 weeks. As we track macro-economic and sectorial indicators, we have also taken into account multiple alternative indicators to provide a more tangible picture of economic activity in China. We expect sectors and firms focused on the domestic economy to show a strong recovery over the next few months, while export-focused sectors and firms will lag behind as the rest of the world tries to shake-off Covid-19 induced lockdowns.

Some of the salient points that we have observed are:

  • E-commerce sector, after seeing a significant spike in the first few weeks after Covid-19 related measures were announced, has started moving back to its regular growth trajectory.
  • Mobile applications sector has had a stellar growth on a year-on-year basis and that trajectory is continuing.
  • Traditional drivers of the economy (Real Estate, Energy, Manufacturing, Logistics) are still performing below last year, but the general trajectory over the last few weeks has been upwards.
  • There were sudden spikes in data in some sectors (especially Logistics) last year due to the rush to meet the US sanctions’ timeline. This also has an impact on year-on-year comparisons.
  • As expected there has been a lot of revision in GDP forecasts for China over the last few months – we have tried to capture the current forecasts as well as the change.

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China Economic Recovery Team

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