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Industry Insights



Brexit: What US Investors Need to Know

Brexit – a work in progress, with everything still to pay for. This industry insights examines the economic and commercial impacts of Brexit, including the key factors you should consider if your portfolio covers UK firms.

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Choosing the Right Automation for Research and Analytics

Identifying opportunities for workplace efficiency is not a matter of choice in the modern, competitive professional services industry anymore. Automation has a distinct role to play in increasing efficiency and reducing employee involvement in monotonous, time-consuming tasks. But what does it take to successfully streamline research and analytics?

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Reducing Junior Banker Churn: a Vital Task for Automation

Retaining promising junior bankers has become a high priority for investment banks. Automation has demonstrable advantages in terms of increased efficiency and reduced costs, but what about the potential for increased satisfaction?

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Improving the Delivery of Professional Services: the Value of Last Mile Focus

The efficiency increases of mind+machine gains impact businesses on the scale of their operations. The time-to-market of solutions will drastically come down and so will the costs, and the potential reach will increase multi-fold thanks to such innovations.

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Automation in Sell-side Research: the Chance to Lead in a Changing Market?

Sell-side research is seeing a range of disruptive changes that are currently redefining the marketplace. Delivering reports that provide newer and deeper insights are needed more than ever before. Is the use of intelligent automation a defining factor in this race to survive?

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Financial Regulation: Big Decisions for Index Industry?

Index users and providers are facing greater scrutiny due to the expansion of financial regulations covering the index industry. Discover what are the options for index providers and users.

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Do You Know What Consumers Say About Your Drugs?

Are you part of the global pharma conversation? Do you have the systems in place to join it? More and more pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are finding the need to actively engage with patients, physicians and key opinion leaders.

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Balancing Human and Robot Advice in Wealth Management

Assets under management by robo-advisors are on the rise and both startups and industry leaders are investing in this new technology. But what does that mean for human financial advisors?

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The Struggle with Risk Reporting: Why is BCBS 239 So Challenging?

Compliance with BCBS 239 is not only mandatory for systemically important banks (SIBs), it also has tangible business benefits. Why then are so many banks struggling to meet the requirements for compliant risk data aggregation and reporting?

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A Dynamic Approach to Publishing

Maintaining efficient and compliant customer engagement and communications in the financial services industry can be challenging, but modern, dynamic workflows are changing the face of publishing.

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