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Marketing and sales leaders must forge opportunities for new markets, customers, and products while dealing with disruptive competitive threats. In a hyper-connected world, that job has never been harder – or more closely scrutinized.

Today’s marketing “mantras” – optimization, innovation, demand generation, and segmentation — dominate the conversation. Boiled down to actions, leaders want to know who to target, what to sell them, and how to sell it.

To get the best answers to those questions, you need multi-faceted, domain-specific analytics that show clear data paths. And that’s exactly what you choose with our products and solutions.

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Sales and marketing departments have incredible amounts of disparate data sources, both internal and external, that they need to distill into decision-ready analytics. Our unique domain-specific AI architecture helps you at every stage, from segmenting the market and generating demand to cultivating leads and closing the sale. In the end, you get the insights you need in the time you need them to make the best decisions. 

Reference Case

How a Global Heavy-Equipment Manufacturer Increased Conversion Rates by Tracking Visitor Behavior

As customer behavior changes, websites are becoming the first line of interaction between prospective customers and organizations. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, consumer-sentiment surveys have shown a significant increase in online sales across the globe and in conversion rates. From scaled-up digital activities to changing customer purchasing behavior —it’s a new world! 

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