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Modular Bespoke Automation & Managed Service

Unrelated acts of crime affect financial institutions and communities alike every day. Technology exposes and connects these acts. Our technology helps clients connect relevant information in a holistic manner into integrated frameworks or modules to prevent financial crime.

Financial crime models are fundamentally qualitative and suffer from both expert bias and an overly quantitative approach. Our risk modeling product and solutions provide insight and value.

Fit to Need

Let us help you rework your KYC processes and reduce inefficiencies and false positives. Through our decision-ready framework, we identify fraud scenarios for data aggregation or perpetual file maintenance.

Data & Analytics

We support data-led customer life cycle management with powerful analytics and AI, visual MI, model risk management, data connectivity and insights. Multi-industry data management insights and analytics range from big data and terabytes of information, to aggregation and cleansing of local portfolios.

Ready Made Teams

Need physical help meeting surges or new situations? Evalueserve's trained teams can support your team or take over entirely. Our subject matter experts understand KYC, EDD in 15+ languages, QC & QA, full confidentiality and certified ISO 2701 information security (including blue rooms, offshore centers with secure access).

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Financial Crime Operations & Technology Services

Benefit from unique AI products  and solutions designed by financial crime experts and put into practice by automation experts.

Reference Case

Reduce Turnaround Time 40%

A leading US investment bank was struggling with providing the right number of staff with the right language skills at the right time, in order to deal with the peaks and troughs in enhanced due diligence work. The bank faced several challenges such as peak load, inability to conduct know your customer (KYC) processes in non-English speaking countries, and bringing overall efficiency into the process. The bank not only needed help with overcoming these multitude of challenges, but also needed a trusted security-minded partner that would be able to provide high-quality support at short notice. 

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