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Enabling Investment Managers In Deal Ideation and Faster Decision Making

With rising prices and fierce competition in a maturing industry, private equity and venture capital firms need to make smarter decisions to get ahead. General partners require deeper and faster insights, in more areas of expertise, to spot opportunities and validate decisions.

Firms can source more deals, tap into hidden insights, and efficiently handle unexpected volatility with Evalueserve’s Private Equity Advisory solutions.  

  • Domain Expertise: Highly experienced and effective pool of analysts well-versed in working with Private Equity & Venture Capital Firms.
  • Deeper Insights: Critical insights curated by expert research and data analytics teams utilizing alternative data sources.
  • Best-in-Class Technology: Customizable AI-powered insights platform with self-serve analytics and trigger-based alerts.
  • Flexible Business Models: Flexibility to realign team composition and scale-up or down with changes in deal pipeline and evolving requirements.

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