Financial Institutions

In the highly regulated financial services industry, being compliant and mitigating risk are as important as understanding your customers and market. 

Industry Overview

Financial Institutions We Support

We have over 15 years’ of experience working with capital markets and commercial, retail and investment banks. We’ve channeled that knowledge into helping our clients stay relevant, competitive and compliant.


Risk & Compliance

The ever-increasing regulatory oversight and risk & compliance reporting requirements in financial services put significant pressure on your teams. Augment their strength with our risk analytics and reporting solutions, which have been designed by experts to be customizable to each client’s particular needs. We’ll help you remain compliant while still improving productivity.


Investment Banking Support

Evalueserve provides bespoke solutions to bulge bracket investment banks, mid-market firms, boutiques and consultants, serving functions including IBD analytics, BI & library services, CRM & business development, and publication. Our sector experts and trained analysts use proprietary platforms and processes to yield significant efficiency in all our work.


Corporate Banking Support

Evalueserve understands the requirements that corporate banks must fulfill and what it takes to stay ahead. Our focus on digital transformation, process re-engineering, insightful customer analytics, operational flexibility, and customized solutions help us solve an array of challenges for our clients across the entire corporate banking value chain. 


Commercial Banking Support

Cut down time to market with our loan approval and monitoring, thanks to our in-depth understanding of the credit process and vast experienece across commercial banking divisions. Our industry-leading technology tools, domain expertise across sectors and products, flexible staffing models, and a large pool of trained analysts can help you considerably improve efficiency and manage the cost of the overall credit approval process. 


Investment Research

Differentiate your research by leveraging our experience with capital markets.  Our approach enables the publication of a higher volume of research with fewer resources and no loss of quality: we deliver deeper, better, and fresher insights that give the truest picture of the market. 


Index & Quant Solutions

Develop superior index strategies and processes for calculation, maintenance, publication and reporting of indexes. Using proprietary platforms, automations and processes, our team can help you significantly improve your impact in this important area.


Investment Management

Create better products, deliver better service, and sharpen up your operations by using our service design and delivery solutions for investment and asset managers. By combining your financial expertise with our proven skills in research, analytics, and marketing, you will be able to streamline your internal processes and increase efficiency by 20-50%. 

Reference Case

Global Bank Reduces Turnaround Time by 50%

Banks are increasing investments and equipping client-facing teams to personalize client interactions and stay up-to-date with rapidly changing business requirements. This can be enabled with a robust CRM system.

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