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Augmenting Index Development and Operations

Index providers must extract accurate, high-quality insights from the torrent of data that flows from capital markets every day. To keep up with changing investor needs, they need to discover new markets and market anomalies. Meanwhile, investors and regulators demand flexible, transparent, and scalable data management and reporting solutions. Test new research ideas, better manage your data, stay ahead of the curve with timely reporting, and offer genuine value to your customers with our help. 

How We’re Different: 

  • Over 10,000 strategies covered: Deep domain expertise across numerous asset classes and strategies
  • Contextual Technology Solutions: Best-in-class digital tools ranging from productivity automation to scalable, cloud-based platforms as well as custom-built solutions to meet your specific needs
  • Proven Efficiencies: Accurate, error-free processes and standardization for 85% efficiency gains and 100% acceptance by client teams
  • Well-Defined Functional Roadmap: Solutions to support you across the entire Index value chain
  • Global Footprint: Ready to service you in 25+ languages and multiple time zones for 24×5 coverage
  • Flexible Operating Models: Engagement models that meet your needs including FTE-based, project-based, and output-based options


Constructing an ESG Index for the Chilean Market – Strategies, Challenges, and Performance

Chile and Latin America have joined the race to create products and benchmarks to meet the demand for ESG investing. We were motivated to create this index due to the investment potential and the sparsity of ESG indexes currently available in the market.

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