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Case studies



How We Support BASF’s Global IP Department

Internal IP teams have the expertise and tools to handle a whole range of patent-related tasks. However, it can be challenging to meet the additional demand during special projects, such as the integration of new acquisitions. High-volume tasks like docketing can become overwhelming, meaning work on patent analytics and designing new services can suffer.

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Adding social listening to your strategic toolkit

With the advent of social platforms, our opinions and comments are now more powerful than ever – with the possibility of going viral in a few minutes! How can organizations use social platforms more strategically?

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Boost Efficiency with Fully Automated Financial Spreading

Banks depend on fast, accurate financial spreading to process credit applications promptly and minimize risk, but existing manual processes can be cumbersome, inaccurate and slow.

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How to Deal with Large Data Sets for Accurate Sales Forecasts?

For an investment analyst in the agrochemicals sector, meteorological data is an excellent resource for sales forecasts—but how to leverage such a large data set? Read this case study to see how the mind+machine approach provides end-to-end service from data collection to insight generation.

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Global Supplier Identification and Profiling

Make or buy? A simple yet challenging question that manufacturing companies must answer in today’s dynamic economy, where identifying the right partner can be difficult and time consuming. So how can a business implement a reliable system into place that can efficiently scan the global marketplace, analyze their capabilities and identify the optimal suppliers?

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How to Create Value Through Our 360º Framework?

Discover how Evalueserve’s 360-degree framework, which provides a complete view of the market, customers, and competitors, has helped one of our clients gain thorough understanding of customer behavior, while achieving 4–6% new sales from competitor churn; find 5–7% cross-selling opportunities; identify 4–5% high-value, likely-to-churn customers .

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Churn Attribution Analysis

Managing customer churn is vital to business performance, while understanding controllable and uncontrollable drivers is essential in order to increase customer engagement, and designing short- and long-term retention strategies.

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Improve Market Intelligence for Logistics

Evalueserve’s process of data collection and insight generation helps you access insightful and competitive reports, while benefiting from domain expertise. Since all the recurring, timeconsuming work is gone, you can now focus on tasks that offer greater value-addition.

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Improving the Sales Pipeline for a Logistics Business

Evalueserve offers a unique combination of logistics domain knowledge, proven best practices for sales engagements and a mind+machine approach for scalability to deliver a comprehensive view of the various delivery & supply chain influencers such as warehousing hubs, demand hubs, transportation cost, cost per supply chain activity and more.

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Eliminate Bottlenecks in Your Delivery Chain

How do we improve logistics performance for next-day delivery?
Through our unique “mind+machine” analysis, enabling a deep understanding of overall logistics processes including end to end supply chain processes, inbound and outbound shipment characteristics, key needs and pain points, supply chain value movements and top attributes such as transit time, customs clearance, network coverage, technology support etc.

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Integration and Analysis of Market Data – PARS

How many external and internal data sources do you use? Using multiple databases can make finding, managing and analyzing data very complicated. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your investment in data. That’s why we put our data expertise and best-in-class IT solutions together to develop PARS.

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Improving Cross-Sell Strategies in Retail Banking

Proper use of customer data can inform effective cross-sell strategies. Discover how a system for generating individualized reports helped a U.S. retail bank improve their customer loyalty and share of wallet.

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Needs-Tailored Progressive Customer Analytics

Customer-centric data analytics can help in the assessment of customer bases and construction of versatile frameworks for sales enablement and customer interactions.

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Active Online Listening for Precise Media Monitoring

With the huge volume of information on traditional and social media, it’s challenging to find the data needed to inform strategies for crucial tasks like customer communication, marketing campaigns and even risk mitigation. That’s where active online listening (AOL) comes in.

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