19 March 2018

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Terms And Conditions

From Evalueserve website visitors, we collect information about the device and browser they use and their IP address. We also collect personal information such as email address, name, phone number, and country, submitted by visitors via any download / contact us / subscribe form.

For all email subscriptions, we use the double opt-in email address verification process. The process consists of the following steps:

  1. A subscriber fills in and submits the online form.
  2. Next, they receive a confirmation email and are asked to verify their email address by clicking a link in the email.
  3. They receive a welcome email that confirms successful subscription

This subscription method complies with the new data protection regulation guidelines and ensures protection of personal data. Currently, we offer the following marketing subscriptions: Transactional Information, Marketing Information, Blog Updates, Company Information, Industry Insights, Evalueserve Events.

From blog subscribers, we ask for limited personal information, such as email address and first name.

For a marketing subscription, which can be related to an asset download and/or a sign-up on our online form here, we collect the following data: email address, first name, and last name. Some download forms may also ask for company name.

A website visitor, who submits a form to get in touch with one of our sales representatives or asks for a demo, will have to provide the following information: email address, first name, last name, phone number, country, and company name. These details may differ for some specific forms, depending on the level of data required by the teams who will follow up with the requestor; job title and industry can also be requested in such cases.

For all subscriptions, we include an extra tick box that asks users permission to receive information from us. Users are asked to give their consent at the time of form submission, i.e., if a user agrees to receive updates, they will have to tick the consent box displayed on every form.

How do we use data for the different subscriptions we are offering?

Blog subscription

  • Subscribers immediately receive notification about the latest published content on the blog categories they have subscribed to
  • Subscribers receive additional information on best practices, latest trends, and category insights related to their interest
  • We may initiate discussions with our subscribers or provide additional information in case there is a topic of high interest

Other marketing subscriptions (transactional information, marketing information, blog updates, company information, industry insights, Evalueserve events)

We use this information to provide updates about our services and answer any questions users may have.

When subscribing to Transactional Information, website visitors will receive transactional messages such as confirmation changes to their subscription and more.

Marketing Information subscribers will receive occasional updates about products, including new features, product improvements and launches, offers and more.

Company Information subscribers will receive messages about the latest news on Evalueserve, product launches, and more.

Industry Insights subscribers will receive occasional updates about industry trends, best practices, case studies, whitepapers, and more. 

Users subscribing to Evalueserve Events will receive occasional updates about company events, webinars, free consultation, and more.


Users can revoke the given permission or update their preferences by visiting the following pages: Manage preferences and Unsubscribe