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Market Intelligence & Strategic Insights

Using dedicated tools and models, our experts will help you gain deeper insights about your competitors, prospects and target industries.

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Sales Enablement Support

Ensure your sales team are spending their valuable time with customers. Our researchers, analysts and industry experts will ensure your teams have everything they need to be competitive and increase their pipeline.

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Global Markets Research

Help your analysts strike the optimal balance between conducting research and other essential tasks such as expanding coverage and meeting clients. We’ll provide efficient research support so you can focus on your customers.

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Investment Banking Support

Get the best value out of your team’s time. We’ll help implement productivity suites and standardized, coordinated approaches across offices and sector teams for regular work such as comps, profiles, research and BIS.

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Risk & Compliance

Do you have optimal processes for refreshing customer documentation such as KYC reports and performing handovers to relationship managers? We understand the challenges involved. Let us help you acquire information with minimum hassle to customers, deal with foreign language documentation and more.

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Index & Quantitative Research

From efficient research to punctual production of compliant reports, Evalueserve offers support for index businesses.

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IP Search & Intelligence

IP departments are under pressure to deliver rapid and consistent research and analytics to inform IP strategies despite the increasing volume of available data. From patent search to in-depth analysis, we can provide reliable, high-quality solutions.

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IP Administration

Maintaining the headcount and in-house expertise to deal with the full range of IP administration tasks is costly. Our highly trained paralegals and specialists in patent drafting and prosecution are prepared to cover your needs. We can also support you with the business-critical transition from transactional to strategic IP management.

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Innovation & R&D Intelligence

Innovative R&D depends on combined technological, regulatory and IP insights, but how best to find relevant answers? We’ll help you navigate the vast amount of available scientific literature and patents so that you remain innovative, competitive and compliant.

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