Data & Analytics

AI-Powered Analytics for Enterprise Decisions

Harness data with domain-specific AI so your decision-makers can deliver ROI. 

Data & Analytics

Drive RoI with AI

Organizations like yours invest significant resources in analytics to unlock data megatrends and create new value. Traditional data science and data engineering often fall short of improving business outcomes and delivering ROI. 

Challenges include organizational and technology silos, strategic alignment, business adoption, speed, scale, and more. To help you address these needs, we take a decision-centric approach. 

  • First, identify analytics use cases with high business impact potential. 
  • Then, tackle a single use case and prove ROI. 
  • Once we achieve success for your organization, we scale up impact with end-to-end capabilities and domain-specific AI. 


Our products and solutions provide action-ready analytics so you can make confident decisions. Create successful outcomes today. 

Our Capabilities

Create New Value from Raw Data

Draw from our experts in AI, data architecture, data engineering, cloud, predictive and cognitive analytics, and moreOur teams marry technical and domain knowledge across dozens of industries. 

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Rapidly develop marketing campaign evaluation models and design optimal channel spend recommendations to drive go-to-market investments.

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Bring transparency, collaboration, and AI to forecasting. Model, optimize, and perform scenario planning in a single interface to drive strategic decisions.


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Apply AI to improve accuracy in monitoring, scale modeling, and maintain logistics health. View revenue, shipping miles, lanes, and customers in a single pane of glass.




Scale your data and analytics initiatives on our governance and knowledge management platform. Prioritize high RoI use cases, recycle code to accelerate new projects, and manage for accuracy across the model lifecycle.

Featured Case Study

Smart-Scale Technology Created with Intel Improves Customer Experience

Intel chose to partner with Evalueserve to co-develop the AI for a smart scale that would leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) in grocery stores. Advanced computer vision and AI technologies were embedded in smart scales and point-of-sale (POS) devices that detected and weighed fresh produce, as well as other products, within 0.1 seconds. This eliminated the need to punch in SKUs manually and collected data to improve the in-store experience.


There is a high and growing demand for this solution, as it both increases employee efficiency and improves customer experience.

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