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Drive efficiencies in the overall credit approval process for corporate and commercial banks.


Gain Speed, Efficiency and Accuracy in Overall Credit Review Process

The corporate and commercial banking industries are undergoing seismic changes due to increased competition, reduced net-interest margins, fintech’s growing market share, the need to adopt new technology, and ever-increasing regulatory requirements. It is imperative that banks re-evaluate their operating models to keep pace with the changing environment. 

With over 10 years of domain experience, Evalueserve is a leader in the transformation of commercial banking operations. Clients across the entire value chain were able to find solutions to the above challenges with our help through our focus on digitalization, process re-engineering, insightful customer analytics, operational flexibility, and customized solutions. 

We support major banks globally and have delivered significant cost and time savings via our proprietary Credit Review Automation Suite, including our automated spreading tool, Spreadsmart, which makes the credit approval cycle more efficient.

Reference Case

Boost Efficiency with Fully Automated financial spreading

Banks depend on fast, accurate financial spreading, but traditional manual processes are slow, error-prone and non-scalable. We helped a major US bank transform the chaos of hundreds of company financials into orderly, searchable financial data automatically with our patented software, Spreadsmart.

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