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Knowledge Services




Applied | Operationalized | Optimized

Our experts identify opportunities to create sustainable efficiency in all business processes. We apply a robust approach that integrates domain expertise, insightful analytics and best-in-class solutions to improve the impact of:

  • Knowledge processes
  • Business processes
  • Digitalization & digital transformation
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Comprehensive | Strategic | Bespoke

See how we analyze and improve value drivers such as brand and channel effectiveness while keeping a strong ROI focus.

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Find out how we enhance operations quality, using data-driven strategy to optimize costs and improve profitability and customer loyalty.

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See how we apply tried-and-tested use cases and bespoke solutions to improve topline, margins, market share and customer experience.

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Learn how we help to build a customer-centric organization by enhancing customer experience with data-driven strategies.

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IP and Innovation Intelligence delivers meaningful insights to R&D and IP professionals to power and protect innovation strategies and develop, maintain and exploit the value of the IP portfolio.

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Digital Platforms

Scalable | Configurable | Intuitive

Developed and supported by a dedicated team at our Center of Excellence for Business Intelligence in Germany, Datacrest is the market-leading solution for commercial data management in the dynamic pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare industries. It has a comprehensive set of scalable tools in an agile architecture that supports modular integration with other BI solutions and workflows. Datacrest is proven to give considerable efficiency gains in commercial data research and analytics.

Designed to answer the need for easy and rapid access to reliable insights into pharmaceutical markets and disease areas, Pharmafusion is praised as a valuable solution that supports brand and pipeline strategies. Users gain access to four regularly updated modules – Therapy Area Insights, HEOR & Epidemiology, Social Media Monitoring, and Pharmaco Strategy Insights – that make high-quality information, analytics and report generation readily available. It's the first fully digital solution for giving these insights to life sciences and healthcare professionals.

Quickly and confidently prepare pitchbooks with Pitchready, our suite of PowerPoint-based tools designed to support investment bankers. By automating repetitive tasks such as the finding, cleaning and formatting of logos and tombstones, and providing standardized templates and graphic elements, Pitchready helps to increase productivity, with proven time savings of 80–95% for routine tasks. Discover how this intuitive tool can fit into your IT environment and make your daily work easier.

Evalueserve Procuremine is a set of services that helps procurement teams move faster up the digitalization maturity curve by enabling insight-driven decision-making and providing increased visibility on the sourcing risks and opportunities facing your organization.

Evalueserve's Research Management Solution (RMS) streamlines the report request procedure, making it possible to request and receive reports on desktop and mobile devices 24/7. This versatile solution includes critical functions for performance tracking and MIS reporting, as well as a fully searchable repository of tagged and indexed reports to ensure efficient knowledge re-use. See how RMS could improve the productivity of research workflows at your company.

Spreadsmart is our patented technology for instant, accurate and reliable financial spreads. It automates the extraction of financial data from documents, updating and integrating the extracted information with your own templates and platforms. Spreadsmart also helps you keep track of what's going on with your data, thanks to alerts that let you know if covenants are breached or financial updates are due. With support for multiple file formats, document types and over 120 languages, Spreadsmart is a best-in-class solution to make financial spreads easier.

Powered by mind+machine™

Evalueserve is a global professional services provider offering research, analytics and data management services. We are powered by mind+machine™ – a unique combination of human expertise and best-in-class technologies that use smart algorithms to simplify key tasks.

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Product Launch: Evalueserve Pitchready

Pitchready provides intuitive tools that help increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks and providing easy access to frequently used content.

Evalueserve Pitchready: The best resource for pitchbook production.

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