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Service Design Consulting

Applied | Operationalized | Optimized

Our multi-disciplinary approach is based on the 3 pillars of business context, experience design, and process acceleration components. We leverage our Agile D3 framework to co-design customized solutions while constantly identifying new areas for driving efficiency.

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Comprehensive | Strategic | Bespoke

See how we analyze and improve value drivers such as brand and channel effectiveness while keeping a strong ROI focus.

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Find out how we enhance operations quality, using data-driven strategy to optimize costs and improve profitability and customer loyalty.

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See how we apply tried-and-tested use cases and bespoke solutions to improve topline, margins, market share and customer experience.

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Learn how we help to build a customer-centric organization by enhancing customer experience with data-driven strategies.

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IP & Innovation Intelligence delivers meaningful insights to R&D and IP professionals to power and protect innovation strategies and develop, maintain and exploit the value of the IP portfolio.

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Digital Platforms

Scalable | Configurable | Intuitive

Powerful data management, analytics, and business intelligence tool for the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and healthcare industries

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Web-based, dynamic and smart visualization platform for business intelligence on disease areas and the pharmaceuticals market

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Desktop toolkit to automate pitchbook creation

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Web-based platform for risk assessment and category and vendor insights

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Web-based workflow system with knowledge management capabilities

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Patented software for faster and more accurate financial spreading

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Intuitive software platform specifically designed to maximize the value your enterprise realizes from analytics

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Modern digital collaboration tool and content management platform for investment

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Get the highest-quality view of your IP and R&D data when and how you need it

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Insightsfirst helps you set up systematic and centralized intelligence programs and delivers actionable insights using our unique mind+machine approach

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Our capabilities

Evalueserve is a leading analytics partner powered by mind+machine™, that helps clients get the most out of their core processes.





Powered by mind+machine™

Organizations across industries, of varying sizes, are
searching for ways to make their business more efficient,
more connected and help generate more value.

At Evalueserve, this is the heart of what we do with our
mind+machine™ methodology.

We combine the insights emerging from data and research
with the efficiency of digital tools and platforms to design
impactful solutions, tailored for your business needs.

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Trusted partner for leading enterprises
Diverse industry expertise

250+ clients in F1000,
across 15 industries


Engagements across
45+ countries


10,000+ platform

Evalueserve lets everyone work at their best.Senior Leader, BASF

Solution Spotlight:

Evalueserve’s Insightsfirst: A market & competitive intelligence platform powered by mind+machine™

Make data-driven decision making from an AI-powered intelligence program sustained by dedicated domain experts. Learn more about how Insightsfirst delivers robust analytics and market insights.

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Evalueserve Announces Collaboration with Automation Anywhere to Strengthen mind+machine™ Portfolio

“We are pleased to collaborate with Evalueserve to bring intelligent automation to customers and ...

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Evalueserve Releases Enhancements to Insightsfirst, a Market and Competitive Intelligence Platform

Ravi Mehrotra, Evalueserve’s co-CEO says, “With our domain experts and AI powered Insightsfirst platform, ...

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