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Decisions Now is a bi-weekly podcast presented by Evalueserve discusses how to generate decision-ready insights from artificial intelligence and data. In each episode, co-hosts Rigvi Chevala and Erin Pearson talk with experts, analysts and business leaders across industries to bring you insights on diverse AI subjects.  
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Auto Industry

Episode 15 – Charles Boyle

On this episode, Charles Boyle, VP, and global chief data officer at Octo Telematics discusses how the auto industry is succeeding by leveraging the power of data and technology.

Co-hosts Rigvinath Chevala, Evalueserve’s chief technology officer, and Erin Pearson, VP of marketing chat with Boyle on how AI is being used to assess driving risk, insurance rates, driving behaviors, predictive maintenance, and more!

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Episode 14 – Zachary Richard

The quick service restaurants (QSR) industry is being revolutionized by data and analytics (DA) and artificial intelligence (AI). In this episode, Zachary Richard, director of global data science at McDonald’s, shares how the company is using data to boost customer and crew experience, the challenges with data exploration, streamlining different departments to avoid silos, and general tips and tricks!

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Bills of Rights AI

Episode 13- Christopher Sanchez

The growth in technology has spiked the interest in ethics in AI and technology and has called organizations to be more responsible with their products. In this episode of the Decisions Now podcast, we are joined by, CEO and Founder of Emergent Line, Christopher Sanchez who shares all about the Global AI Bill of Rights, which he wrote.

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Ethical AI

Episode 12 – Olivia Gambelin

On the twelfth episode of the Decisions Now podcast, the co-hosts chat with AI ethicist Olivia Gambelin about ethics in AI, the challenges that come with it, building an ethical strategy, and what the future of ethical AI looks like!

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Episode 11 – Joshua Starmer

With AI adoption in full swing for many, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are paving the way for progress in different business sectors. On the eleventh episode of the Decisions Now podcast, Joshua Starmer, Founder, and CEO of StatQuest, and Lead AI Educator at Lightning AI dives into the nuts and bolts of ML algorithms, updating the technology, educating teams on ML within organizations, and more.

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Episode 10 – Chris Ehrlich

In this episode we are joined by Chris Ehrlich, managing editor of Datamation. who chats with the podcast co-hosts of all things AI, from AI as a misnomer, biases, innovation demand, and more, the trio brings you an engaging conversation.

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Episode 9 – Prashanth Southekal

Data analytics and AI are terms we hear in the market way too often. Everywhere you go, people want data-driven insights, now more than ever it’s essential to understand what it takes to forge this strong analytic transformation journey. In the ninth episode of the Decisions Now podcast, we talked with Data and Analytics Professor at IE Business School and Founder of DBP Institute, Prashanth Southekal about what it takes to build a strong data culture powered by AI and analytics.

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Retail Industry

Episode 8 – Mansoor Kazi

Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms have paved the way for the retail industry to gain great insights into consumer behaviors as well as other market needs. This digital transformation in the retail sector was accelerated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, making AI-powered technology a necessity for these companies. In the eighth episode of the Decisions Now podcast, we are joined by Mansoor Kazi, partner at Bain, who works specifically in the retail space.

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Behavior analytics

Episode 7 – Ben Waber

In this episode we are joined by Ben Waber of Humanyze, a software company that pioneers workplace analytics. From leveraging AI-powered behavior analytics to strengthen your talent management, to making better decisions for your teams, and training the algorithms to avoid biases, Ben shares it all!

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Episode 6 – Steve Richard

AI can leverage sales data to close deals faster and more efficiently. Steve Richard, the co-founder of ExecVision, joins the Decisions Now podcast to discuss how to best optimize the sales process with AI.

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Data Governance

Episode 4 – Bin Mu

In this episode, our guest, Bin Mu, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Adobe, discusses what data governance will look like in the future, how the system answers the demands of businesses when making judgments, and how this system helps professionals make better decisions on a daily basis.

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Driving Analytics into Decisions and Everything In Between with Marc Vollenweider

Episode 3 – Marc Vollenweider

In the third episode of the Decisions Now podcast, we discuss how the combination of AI and analytics generate better decisions with EVS Co-founder and Director Marc Vollenweider. From gathering data to delivering it in the right way, at the right time, to the right departments, turning those into insights and everything in between.

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Driving Decisions Using Competitive Intelligence with Cam Mackey

Episode 2 – Cam Mackey

In the second episode of the Decisions Now podcast, we talked with Cam Mackey, executive director for Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) to get his take on the scope of Competitive Intelligence (CI) in decision-making.

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Using AI to Transform Marketing Goals with Paul Roetzer

Episode 1 – Paul Roetzer

AI is the buzzword of the decade, and industry experts including markets are leveraging it to transform decisions into results. In this blog, we discuss how you can use AI to achieve your marketing goals with our guest Paul Roetzer.

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