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Stay updated on competitor’s latest moves, create robust Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies, and monetize the future of learning. 


Develop Competitive Strategies to Gain Market Share

In the last few years, the education industry and traditional value chain have undergone a significant transformation, right from K-12 to higher education and executive education levels. The education industry is witnessing rapid transformation by structural forces such as global talent shortage, generational change, demographic shift, digitization, and the COVID-19 pandemic. On the other hand, the EdTech industry is growing exponentially; more than 15,000 companies have entered the sector in the last 18 months and the industry is expected to reach US $375 billion by 2026 (according to Global Market Insights).   

The growth in the education industry is inevitable but this has also led to a surge in competition. To stay ahead of the curve, education and edtech companies need to proactively monitor competition, be on top of the digital trends, penetrate unexplored demand-driven markets, and monetizing relevant opportunities to fuel business growth and gain market share. At Evalueserve, our AI-enabled digital platforms, combined with our analysts’ deep domain knowledge of the education industry can help develop an end-to-end GTM solution, create an integrated thought leadership program, gauging market opportunities, and maintain foresight through benchmarking and competitive landscaping. 

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Our Solutions Help Education and EdTech Companies

Evalueserve’s domain research and analytics expertise and our AI-enabled digital platforms have helped various global Education and EdTech companies drive competitive advantage. Our experts help drive long-term business impact by providing real-time insights, robust GTM framework, and market opportunity assessment models.

  • Create integrated thought leadership programs for sales enablement and to increase brand awareness.
  • Determine consumer’s learning and development patterns to better position products and services.
  • Create go-to-market (GTM) strategies – know target customers, white space analysis, local market, and develop robust market entry strategies.
  • Deliver campaign optimization strategies across digital channels.
  • Provide actionable competitive intelligence to understand competitors activities in terms of product development or service offering.
  • Identify, assess, and monitor partners for different programs to elevate current service offering.
  • Understand market dynamics and provide analysis on trends while assessing the potential for disruption and innovation.

Supported Companies

Types of Education and EdTech companies we have supported:

Through a combination of dedicated analysts and ad-hoc support, Evalueserve has created a team of business analysts with a deep knowledge and understanding of the education industry services ecosystem, functions, and approaches.

Typical clients within this sector are:    

Executive education providers

Large Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

Preschool education providers

K-12 education providers

Higher education services companies

Online education platform providers

Not for profit organizations in the education space

Our Capabilties

AI-Powered Products and Solutions

Reference Case

Identifying new revenue streams for a large European K-12

Our client wanted to identify business ideas and opportunities that could generate alternative revenue streams to diversify the service portfolio and continue its growth. 

  • Evalueserve’s proposed solution help Identify a long list of business ideas/opportunities generated from the education industry and related sectors and activity of competitors, partners, EdTech startups 
  • In total, Evalueserve provided 25+ curated opportunities which were presented to the Client’s Board of Directors 
  • The insights were used to prepare for the rapidly evolving market, make investment decisions, and offset some revenue loss caused by school closures due to COVID-19 

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