Social Responsibility

Companies cannot function in isolation – they must engage with the society they operate in and give back to the community.

Social Responsability

Fostering a Culture that Cares

We realize Evalueserve is part of a larger series of ecosystems, both in the countries we operate within and as part of the larger global community. Together, as a company and as individual employees, we support causes and engage in actions that support our local and international communities.


Evalueserve’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts seek to ensure current and future generations have the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable life throughout the world. Many of these initiatives fall within the UN’s guidance for Sustainable Development Goals for a better future, including causes that address poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace, and justice.

Our Impact

Corporate Initiatives

Evalueserve is committed to accelerating its efforts and the impact of its CSR initiatives within the company and the communities we operate in.


Evalueserve’s CSR program is far-ranging, representing a framework to act with intent and as situations arise. We empower our local countries to work within their communities and encourage our employees to act on an individual basis and organize larger efforts.

Regional Activities

Each region and its teams have specific philanthropic goals they seek to achieve. Evalueserve empowers each country center to enact measures that serve their local community’s needs. Here is a snapshot of their activities:



Our European development center closely adheres to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, developing initiatives that give back to communities and engage employees in projects making a positive difference, such as tree plantings, philanthropic investments in education, responsible animal welfare and more.


Supported causes include the Society for Responsible Consumption, the Magic Association, Ambasada Sustenabilitatii in Romania, and Asociatia pentru protectia animalelor RAY.

Evalueserve Romania
Evalueserve India



Our India center focuses on initiatives revolving around education, upliftment through skill development of women and youth and community services including but not limited to healthcare benefits and facilities.  We have created the Evalueserve Education Foundation (EEF), which funds scholarships. To date, the foundation has given scholarships to over 470 students.


Other core initiatives include paying for the healthcare of more than 1000 individuals benefitting 650+ families. The India team has also initiated a pilot program to uplift the livelihood of Barhujjar in Haryana through vocational training programs and have recently opened a healthcare dispensary in the area.



CSR Chile focuses on three core areas of activity: supporting education, combating poverty, and fostering environmental sustainability. Initiatives that the team promotes include fundraising drives for shelters for the elderly, the homeless population, kids and teenagers with special needs, the purchase of school supplies and technology for local students, and non-profit organizations that care for animals.


Our team members also volunteer their time in activities that make a positive impact on the local community, such as assembling and distributing “keep warm” kits for the homeless and participating in beach cleanup days.

Evalueserve Chile
Evalueserve USA


United States

The United States CSR team contributes to charitable organizations and volunteers several times per year, focusing on poverty, equal access, and general philanthropic actions. The U.S. team has worked with nonprofits such as Special Olympics, Raleigh Rescue Mission, and the Shepherd’s Table Soup Kitchen. The team also volunteered at the 9/11 Evening Commemoration and Service Event. 



At our newest regional center, the China team’s CSR focuses on environmental actions by supporting bird feeders to sustain the avian population and using furniture constructed with natural materials in the office. The team also runs an annual winter clothing drive to help the less fortunate and combat the impacts of poverty.

Evalueserve China

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