Strategy Research Solutions

Strategy Research Support

Design, develop, and disseminate “points of view” and actionable insights proactively for faster decision-making. 

Strategy Solutions

Timely, Relevant and Actionable Insights Are Mission Critical

You have plenty of data. But using it to learn something truly valuable about your industry, customers, and competitors is still a challenge. To make the best decisions, you need powerful business insights, delivered on time. Further, the speed of disruption is posing a new challenge to the strategy team, requiring that they have both agility and a long-term view.

You can identify new market opportunities, understand how variables that impact your business are changing, and maintain a clear view of your competition with our strategy support. 

Do More with the Same Setup

Augment your team's performance across multiple growth initiatives.

More First, Achieve More

Stay ahead of the curve with timely competitive intelligence and industry insights.

See Things Differently

Expand your “intelligence tool-kit” to get an outside-in view, combine it with internal data and generate out-of-the-box ideas.

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Strategy Research Solutions

Reference Case

Syngenta Drives Stronger Data-Supported Decisions

Syngenta, a leading global agricultural innovation and technology provider and 2021 CiMi.CON Award winner, wanted to establish a stronger competitive footing by strengthening their competitive and market intelligence (CIMI) and delivering it to internal teams. Specifically, they wanted to 1) hasten their CIMI process, and 2) put it in the hands of the people who could best act on that data. 

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