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Market & Competitive Intelligence

Create Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Seize relevant opportunities and drive insightful conversations.

You need copious amounts of data to make decisions and stay ahead of the competition.  Data sources need to be vetted, processed, and curated for specific user groups so that decisions can be made effectively. 

Insightsfirst helps you compete, get an edge in the marketplace, and make intelligent decisions at the right time. The Fortune 500, Global Strategy Consulting, Accounting and Advisory, and professional services firms across the globe rely on Insightsfirst.  


All AI insights are curated by domain experts for value and relevancy. 


Insights are disseminated via a centralized platform and integratable with your data sources and technologies. 


Facilitated collaboration across business functions and geographies. 

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Deliver game-changing insights in everything you do.

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Beat your Competitors

Track your competitors every move for a competitive advantage.
Unified competitive landscape view helps you compete intelligently and make informed decisions. Includes competitor news, thought leadership, investments, capability enhancements, social media footprint, and more.
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Get Ahead Of The Market

See sector & market trends to plan your strategic moves.
Unified competitive landscape view helps you compete intelligently and make informed decisions. Includes competitor news, thought leadership, investments, capability enhancements, social media footprint, and more.
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Win More Deals

Identify new opportunities and improve sales win rates.
Identify your potential opportunities and receive sales account intelligence, including battle cards, product benchmarking, and trigger-based opportunities.
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R&D & Innovation Strategy

Devise a competitive portfolio direction for innovation.
Decide on your portfolio direction for R&D and Innovation investment based on upcoming technologies; identify KOLs to work with; mitigate legal risk; benchmark against the competition.
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Supplier & Partner Management

Improve your supply chain & vendor costs.
Improve your supply chain understanding for better sourcing decisions. Leverage actionable insights across your categories, markets, and suppliers.
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Improve Conference Coverage

Source intelligence from industry conferences.
Gather key intel on market, competitors, clinical research, in-licensing, BD&L and more from conferences.
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Future Mobility Radar

Stay ahead of mobility trends with new growth opportunities.
Discover emerging disruptions, identify partners, and track competitors to advance your mobility journey.
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ESG Intelligence

Uncover ways to improve your ESG score.
Identify and manage ESG risk and improve corporate responsibility.
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Corporate Companies

Monitor every move of competitors, markets, customers, from news, websites, social, jobs, and more.

"4x growth was enabled from the actionable insights we got from market research telling us where to find the right type of prospect and expand our ecosystem."

F500 Industrials Company

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Pharma & Med Tech

Track your competition, markets, diseases, R&D, clinical trials, and investments.

"This is the best competitive intelligence newsletter I've ever received."

F100 Pharma Company

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Professional Services

Access thought leadership, competitive strategy, and unlock new business opportunities.

"What you're doing is not what I've seen in the market before. You're helping transform us."

Big Four Consultancy

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Financial Institutions

Key buy-side intel from research, financial models, events, podcasts, data stories and more.

"Very impressed with the modules and scalability."

Investment Banking Firm

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Make Better Decisions

We make it easy for you to make better decisions. AI gathers and filters intelligence so you never miss a beat. Intel is auto-summarized and tagged, visualized to expose trends, and curated by domain experts to ensure high relevancy.

Get a market-centric pulse to helps shape future developments, alerts on trends, updates on eminence activities, and monitor supply chain for better sourcing decisions.

Centralized Intelligence

One-Stop-Shop for All Intelligence Needs

Insightsfirst assesses insights and provides a single centralized version of the truth. It aggregates information from internal and external data sources and stores custom research in its knowledge management center. 

It increases your efficiency by using AI to collect and filters intelligence from all over and has pre-defined workflows to distribute custom alerts automatically via robust integrations, alerts, and newsletters.  

25000+ people count on our products to succeed.

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