Driving Agile Innovation Strategy for FinTechs

Dynamicity in the market conditions is calling out for businesses to adopt Agile Innovation Strategy.

An agile approach to business strategy is not just about velocity to adapt to evolving market needs but also, how efficiently to out-innovate the competition. Business leaders are constantly facing new market challenges, many of which are known while others unknown. It is becoming increasing important to continuously observe the market signals and respond timely for mitigating the risks and ensuring business growth sustainability.

Fintech industry is also going through an exciting phase, with the convergence of technology and financial services. New-age Fintech offerings are creating plethora of business opportunities and challenging traditional business norms:

Evalueserve Innovation Sprint Framework helps companies (including FinTech players) to set-up a systematic intelligence program that facilitates expedited innovations and scenario-based planning to help achieve both short-term and long-term business objectives.

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Saurabh Chhabra
Associate Vice President (TMT) Posts

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