How Natural Gas Suppliers Are Racing to Pivot to Hydrogen Gas Blending

Hydrogen Expansion

We have already evaluated the feasibility of hydrogen in fuelling the energy transition. There are some contradictory views on how soon the lightest element will become a heavyweight of the energy space. Irrespective of the timeline, its prominence in decarbonisation activities cannot be overlooked. Hydrogen shows promise for net-zero carbon emissions applications in the transportation, industry, and power generation sectors. However, one of the largest near-term opportunities for its use is blending hydrogen gas into the existing natural gas network to cut down greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The blending would eventually enable the hydrogen blended into natural gas to be used for space heating, hot water production, as well as cooking purposes. This application requires minimal changes to the existing natural gas pipelines. The lucre of this opportunity, hence, has players in the natural gas field excited and rushing to validate the blending and supply processes through demonstrator projects.

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