Introducing: EGRI – a global recovery index based on Healthcare, Social and Work resumption indicators

As the impact of Covid-19 translates across boundaries, each and every country faces its own set of challenges in the recovery process. The Evalueserve Global Recovery Index (EGRI) is a view to combine three aspects that Covid-19 has had maximum impact on—health, economic/work resumption and social interactions. We aim to assess each country’s recovery compared to their pre-Covid situation by using alternative indicators to represent these three aspects. 

The Index is determined using three parameters: Healthcare Recovery, Social Recovery and Work Resumption Recovery. Each of these recovery scores is calculated relative to that specific country and a set of 12 recovery scores.

About EGRI

  1. Healthcare Recovery is based on the total of new cases and new deaths per million population. The weekly total number of new cases per million population for the current week is compared to the maximum number of new cases at any given week for that country. This process is also replicated for new deaths per million population, which is used to obtain the recovery score. 
  2. Social Recovery is based on the restart of sports and events, the opening of schools and college, and the general social and local transport usage. The first two variables are assigned a recovery score of 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% based on the local situation for each country. The value obtained for the last two variables are compared to the corresponding period in pre-Covid times, which is then used to calculate their recovery score.
  3. Work Resumption is based on 6 variables—NO2 emission data, workplace visits, traffic data, volume of (domestic and international) flights, store visits, and the status of international borders. These variables are extracted and compared to the corresponding period during pre-Covid times to obtain the individual recovery score. The International Border Status is assigned a recovery score of 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% based on the border restrictions and relaxations for the country.

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