Life After the Lockdown

China was under lockdown since late January, and is now coming back to a new normal. Schools will start re-opening at the end of the month in several provinces,  which will be weeks after stores, restaurants re-open across the country. In order to see how the last couple of months have changed people’s perspectives on family and life, we have had the great opportunity to interview two of our colleagues, Michelle Liu and Kunal Vij. Since Michelle and Kunal are based in our Shanghai office, they have been able to provide some great insight, wisdom and advice about being in lockdown. 

EVS: How have the last few weeks changes your perspectives on work and family? 

Liu: As Covid-19 got serious in China right before Spring Festival, which is when we usually go back to our hometowns and spend time with friends and relatives, people had to stay home as per government regulation. What surprised me most was how everyone was prepared to fight against Covid-19 by staying at home, without any complaints. There was even a huge number of doctors and nurses who volunteered to go to Hubei and perform their sacred duties. The rapid recovery happening is China would not have been made possible without everyone’s efforts and sacrifices. 

Vij: The value that our family (including the Evalueserve family i.e. our team members, our colleagues, etc.) and our friends brought to our life during unprecedented and worrying times, has been invaluable. This reminded me how important work-life balance is, and helped me understand the essence of it.

EVS: When the did the reality of the situation sink in for you?

Liu: The reality of the situation sunk-in after I saw news about the Hubei lockdown.

Vij: Actually, thanks to all the social media apps on my phone, the grave reality of going into complete lockdown hit me within the first 36-48 hours. Before, I could get up-to-speed on the epidemic situation and the lockdown that happened just before Chinese New Year holidays. I find myself getting drowned in the “infodemic” as most of the news is being flooded with queries, negative updates, absurd forwarded messages, etc. 

EVS: If you were to give 3 healthy tips for those going through this crisis, what would they be? 

Liu: One, stay positive and believe we will overcome this through efforts around the globe. Two, stay healthy by doing small exercises. Three, try not to become too fixated on the numbers being reported. 

Vij: One, stay connected with your family and friends, and stay updated on their well-being. Two, stay positive (Spring will come again!) and try to relax by doing things you enjoy (reading, cooking, listening to music, etc.). Three, try to live day-by-day. 

EVS: What or who has helped you during this situation? 

Liu: Spending time with my family, cooking and doing daily exercises was a great way to lessen my anxiety. 

Vij: Speaking with my family and friends (including my Evalueserve family) daily via audio and video calls definitely helped. We all enjoyed talking about the good times. Also, developing a regular exercise and meditation routine helped me as well. 

EVS: What has this experience taught you? 

Liu: Despite going through difficult times, there will always be news that can encourage you. On the TV and internet, I heard about the government sending troops to help-out at badly affected areas, and medical teams from around the country helping so many people. It will take time for the situation to hit a high point, but it will get better. 

Vij: It has taught me the importance of staying positive. No matter how grave the situation is—don’t lose hope and try to live day-by-day. The sun will rise again tomorrow. 

We would like to take a moment to thank Michelle, Kunal and our entire Evalueserve team based in Shanghai for their tenacity, efforts and community spirit shown during this crisis. 

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