AI-Driven Recommendation Engines and How They Work

Understanding Recommendation Engines

A recommendation engine uses algorithms to predict a user’s choice and then offer suggestions to the user, helping them find the thing that may interest them the most. As a result, these recommendations help optimize the user experience so they get what they want faster. Discussing how a recommendation engine works in a consumer context allows us to better understand its application.

We can see many examples of recommendation engines in our everyday online lives. For example, Netflix recommendations are a great example of a recommendation engine. So are suggested articles in different news apps and which friends show up first in our social media feeds. These are examples of recommendation engines showing the content we are most likely to interact with.

From a business perspective in the B2B world, many organizations seek to improve their knowledge and workflow management. Recommendation engines can help with that.

AI-Driven Recommendation Engines at Work

Recommendation Engines: How They Work

Imagine using an AI-based recommendation engine to manage requests for proposals (RFPs), one of the most rote yet essential tasks for a sales organization. The Evalueserve team created an AI platform to assist teams by separating RFPs into micro-sections, analyzing them, then the engine recommends a response for each section.

From there, the AI platform helps the company create a zero draft, streamlining the beginning of a much larger project. What once required a human to process the entire document can now be managed by a machine, making things more efficient for the company and more enjoyable for the response teams.

Instead of having to get every single section right, the teams can use the recommendation engine to improve accuracy and help inform their response. AI-driven products and platforms like this empower companies to optimize decision-making and drive sustainable and actionable outcomes.

As this kind of AI engine continues to evolve, what was once only possible by humans now becomes faster, more effective, and more accurate. This is just one example of what AI can do for you.

The possibilities are endless. We are at the forefront of innovation, and I am very excited to see how tools like this evolve to make our work lives easier.


Learn more about recommendation engines by reading my Q&A with brand journalist Leah Moore on the topic here.


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