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Social Responsibility

Companies cannot function in isolation – they
must engage with the society they operate in
and give back to the community.

Evalueserve invests a part of its annual profit every year in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and provides several employee and management hours to community initiatives.
We encourage our employees to volunteer for social causes through a structured CSR program. We believe that participating in CSR activities drives employee engagement, professional as well as personal. When employees work together to make a difference in other people’s lives, it increases their level of fulfilment.
Initiatives undertaken by our various centers in 2018
We are proud of the work we have done so far, and the CSR objectives we have accomplished
Evalueserve Chile

The Chile CSR team continued an ongoing relationship with NGOs, and collaborated with Maria Madre, which cares for children under the age of five, to take kids on field trips. With Mirada de Amor, an NGO that helps young adults with special needs, and Quiltro, an animal rescue foundation, our employees volunteered their time and provided in-kind donations. On International Women’s Day, the team donated care packages to needy women. We also supported many NGOs through fundraising activities.

Evalueserve USA

Our US office supported a number of organizations and contributed thousands of dollars and numerous hours to organizations such as Backpack Buddies, Women’s Center of Wake County, and Special Olympics.

Evalueserve China

Our China office focused on humanitarian assistance to underprivileged children by raising funds for the Hope Project, an NGO focused on rural education. The center also donated to the annual clothes drive event at Baijingyu.

Evalueserve India

Our CSR efforts in India were aimed at supporting a number of organizations focused on humanitarian assistance to underprivileged children. We support several NGOs, such as Navjyoti Foundation and Goonj and sponsor education of over 500 children.

Evalueserve Romania

The Romania center’s focus too was children, as they are the future of the world. We developed the Follow Your Dream project with World Vision Romania to inspire young children. We participated in the School after School project to prevent school dropout and expand learning opportunities. We concluded the year with annual shoebox tradition, through which we sponsor presents filled with clothing, shoes, and toys for children.

Our collective efforts have led to Evalueserve being recognized as Asia’s
Best CSR Program by the World HRD Congress and Economic Times.

While it is great to be appreciated, our ultimate award is the joy we add to our
communities through every hour we volunteer and each donation we make.

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