4x Increase in Key Account Revenue for Industrial Automation Provider


An industrial automation solutions provider wanted a competitive intelligence (CI) platform to assist its sales and marketing teams in improving the company’s presence across the EMEA region.

The CI program needed to help the sales and marketing teams in making better strategic decisions by providing them customized market insights and business intelligence.

The key stakeholders wanted to stay ahead of competitors and improve customer intelligence through automated systems and a central knowledge repository.

Our Solution

Insightsfirst, our competitive and market intelligence (CIMI) solution, was initiated and customized to improve the client’s customer, market, and competitive intelligence capabilities.

The solution streamlined their competitive and market intelligence functions through:

  • AI-powered knowledge and data collection
  • Centralized insights in one easy-to-navigate dashboard
  • Reduced noise and comprehensive news updates
  • Improved CI and MI with competitor profiles, product benchmarking, and other platform features

Business Impact

4x increase in growth from ABM accounts
M&CI telling where to focus and hunt for right prospect to expand ecosystem.

Support strategy development
Able to get visibility into market trends, industrial macro-analysis, and competitive activities.

Dedicated Market & Competitive Intelligence Insights
Detailed competitor profiles, comprehensive insights, and relevant and near-real-time news updates all in one easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Comprehensive News Coverage for Single Version of Truth
A single version of the truth made available across 200+ sales and marketing teams, enabling consistent development of cross-functional communication.

Reduced Noise For More Accurate Coverage
These news updates reduced the nosie the client experienced across their multiple channels and improved the accuracy and reach of the coverage they were receiving. 

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