A Global Energy-Storage Manufacturer leverages Salesforce Integration with Insightsfirst to power its commercial strategy 


Evalueserve has been helping a global manufacturer in the energy-storage industry in building and managing a cloud-based portal that assembled competitive information, created briefs on leading companies and assessed market changes that helped to fill in blind spots and complement their understanding of emerging trends.   

 As part of the original contract, the insights were on an ad hoc basis over a 5-year span. The client recognized the value added from the ad hoc insight projects we completed over the years and sought to further improve their insights by implementing a centralized platform that could integrate with Salesforce and improve their sales team ability to create competitive bids on site.  

 The client wanted a simple but comprehensive competitive intelligence on both global and regional competitors that allowed global access across the company, quick access to insights and analysis and profiles that gave sales and marketing teams insights on competitor positioning, supply, strategy and more.   

Key components our client wanted from a centralized platform was the ability to test and validate hypotheses, ask key questions, improve collaboration, and integrate with existing software and products.  


The solution we proposed and implemented was our Insightsfirst Competitive Intelligence platform. Insightsfirst easily integrates with Salesforce to enable users easy access to relevant and on-demand insights.   

Insightsfirst is capable of monitoring, structuring, and validating intelligence coming through various sources and serves as a centralized knowledge repository.  

By integrating with SFDC, the client’s sales team can access up-to-date, actionable information in a simple format to be used during sales pitches. They have access to the latest key information to help in their bids.   

The platform allows the client to test and validate hypotheses and access expert analysts for key questions related to their work. Due to the centralized knowledge repository, collaborators within the company can access information, tools, and research across various teams to develop and adapt their commercial strategy faster.  

Business Impact

The client uses Insightsfirst to expand its competitor tracking and refine its overall commercial strategy, pitching for competitive capacity and utilization, and structuring their bids competitively to differentiate.  

Integration of Insightsfirst with Salesforce ensures:  

  • Easy and collaborative way of hypothesis testing and validation  
  • Quick access to important data during sales pitches and bidding  
  • Every region gets to brainstorm, question and review market trends  
  • The right insights that give a margin to win bids and create profits  
  • Win more deals – discover new markets  
  • Increased margins and profits  
  • Monitor and discover threats and disruptors  
  • Exposes market and competitive gaps  


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