Active Online Listening for Precise Media Monitoring

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The Challenge

Successfully monitoring traditional and social media channels for critical insights about the brands and company, including mentions of adverse events


A leading multinational pharmaceutical company


Life Sciences

Our Solution

Our mind+machine approach combines the best active online listening (AOL) tools and a specialized data management platform with the expertise to identify the truly critical information. We generate customized reports of the trends and opinions found on traditional and social media platforms. Our goal is to ensure that AOL data is integrated into the resource set used by the clients’ marketing, strategy and pharmacovigilance teams.

Business Impact

  • Insight into how patients perceive the brand relative to its competitors
  • Information on who is talking about the company and how often
  • More effective communication with patients thanks to an understanding of their language
  • Insight into the customer journey to tailor marketing campaigns

The Challenge

Aware of the potential of social media as a source of marketing, strategy and adverse event information, a major pharmaceutical company wanted to invest in AOL.

Having seen that the volume of data generated by tools alone would not necessarily equate with answers to questions of interest, the company approached Evalueserve to add our expertise to the equation.

Questions included:

  • Does the company have an understanding of the language that real patients use? 
  • Are patients talking about why they prefer particular brands of medicine?
  • What are the social media images of opinion leaders in particular disease areas?
  • Who are the key influencers?
  • What complaints and praise arise following new product launches?
  • How can valid adverse events that are identified on social media be handled in a compliant way?

“Our goal is to ensure that AOL data is integrated into the resource set used by the clients’ marketing and strategy teams.”

Evalueserve’s AOL strategy goes beyond regular online research to focus on analysis that puts critical information into the context of overall market intelligence-based insights. Our analysts speak 25 different languages, so we enable pharmaceutical companies to engage with the global conversation.

The strategy involves:

  • Identification of the relevant sources
  • Development of a customized and exhaustive search strategy, including recommendations on frequency of repetition
  • Expert screening of search results for relevance
  • Compilation of the relevant information in appropriate categories
  • Quality checks for accuracy and clarity
  • Analysis and the generation of reports that answer the client’s specific questions

Benefits Achieved

  • Understanding of patient conversations and language, fostering better communication
  • Answers to all the questions of interest about the company’s global image
  • Greater insight into marketing campaign impact, especially around launches
  • Strategic information for risk mitigation in brand management and pharmacovigilance

Talk to One of Our Experts

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