Adding Strategic Value with Tactical Automations

The Challenge

Our client was looking for an experienced firm to undertake strategic research-related innovations for its global team of consultants. It also wanted the firm to enable efficiency gains and broaden their offerings by

  • Offering global multi-lingual support
  • Staffing industry-aligned analysts with expertise in database platforms
  • Maximizing efficiency to handle more work with a limited team size
  • Providing quick insights

The client needed the process to be overlooked by a centralized leadership team, so that it could receive streamlined services with minimum coordination.

Benefits Achieved 

  • Increase in RoI from research products through 20% efficiency gains
  • Quality improvement of scores to above 99% by focusing efforts on providing insights, made possible through automation of repetitive / low specialization tasks and process improvements
  • Improvement of last-mile insights generation by transitioning output from MS PowerPoint / Excel to highly visualized products based on new age tools, such as Power BI
  • Faster time-to-market and increase in research throughput was made possible thanks to annual savings of 4,400 hours in efficiency gains and micro automations
  • Prioritization of low volume and urgent tasks, which reduced request pick-up time from 48 to 4 hours

Our Approach 

Evalueserve set up a dedicated team that eventually reached to a team size of 80+ research professionals to cater to the client’s diverse requirements. The team operated from Evalueserve’s multiple hubs across India, the United States, China, Chile, and Romania. The objective of such a multi-location setup was to provide the longest support window to the client on both bespoke and domain research. The team also included data analytics and tactical automation specialists. We applied our mind+machineTM strategy, coupled with extensive experience in industry research, to create strategic solutions for the client. We automated low-complexity tasks using custom scripts, and utilized the time saved to provide additional insights. Evalueserve’s expertise in visualization and data analytics tools, such as Tableau, Power BI, SPSS and SQL, provided critical value-addition in several ad hoc projects.

Our Solution

Productivity Focus

We followed a three-phase approach with immediate productivity gains and long-term value creation as the key targets.

  • Phase 1: Automated newsletters and other products, which saved ~1,800 hours annually
  • Phase 2: Developed unique processes that combined tech innovations to ensure faster delivery of ad hoc projects
  • Phase 3: Helped the client’s internal teams with tactical automations to make their processes more efficient 

New Capabilities

 Evalueserve’s outreach efforts led to the development of several new capabilities, including survey analytics, design support, and corporate finance solutions. Stakeholder alignment and new communication channels were introduced, thereby diversifying our service offerings and facilitating accessibility.

Quality Improvement

The project team implemented a uniform global upskilling program across centers to improve the delivery quality of their analysts. We also built an additional quality-check layer to strengthen the insights-generation process, creating a stronger quality assurance framework.

Improved Time to Market

 Service turnaround time and last-mile delivery of insights were improved through express delivery support queues, regional time-zone delivery, and addition of visualization services with the use of Tableau, Power BI, Power Pivot, etc.

Business Impact

  • Ability to continue investment in knowledge building, on the back of increased RoI of research products · Capacity to diversify offerings and research output powered by new age tools 
  • Enhanced quality of research solutions, as time saved on low complexity work was used for insight generation
  • Access to quick insights due to use of visualization tools
  • Ready capacity for urgent and low-volume tasks and reduced panic situations, driven by express delivery from all Evalueserve operating centers