BI Modernization Transforms Decision-Making for Fortune 50 Retailer


One of the world's leading retailers has long been at the vanguard of innovation and efficiency in serving millions of customers globally. Its marketing department, structured to maximize reach and effectiveness, operates with a keen focus on performance metrics that drive decisions across digital and physical marketplaces. The core of the retailer’s marketing strategy revolves around a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) chosen to gauge the health of its brand, customer engagement, and the ROI of its campaigns.

Despite its sophisticated approach to marketing analytics, our client encountered significant challenges with its existing data analysis infrastructure. Their marketing team relied heavily on an array of 35 different Tableau dashboards to monitor campaign and channel effectiveness and overall marketing ROI. While rich in data, this setup was far from efficient. Each dashboard was packed with multiple views, creating a fragmented picture that required users to jump from one report to another to piece together comprehensive insights.

Streamline your marketing campaigns with consolidated performance view.

This cumbersome process introduced significant blind spots in the client’s marketing strategy. The dashboards, which were both static and complex, necessitated a high degree of manual effort to extract meaningful insights. Marketing executives found themselves spending an inordinate amount of time trying to navigate these dashboards, which slowed down decision-making and reduced the time available for strategic thinking.

Given the situation, the client sought a more streamlined, intuitive, and dynamic reporting setup — a solution that could consolidate data across various channels into a unified view that offers real-time insights and facilitates quicker, more informed decisions.

The Solution

Recognizing the critical need to address these challenges, the Fortune 50 retail giant asked Evalueserve to overhaul its digital marketing dashboards. The goal was to transition away from the clunky, disparate Tableau dashboards to a more cohesive, user-friendly approach. This new solution would need to not only aggregate data across all marketing channels but also present it in a way that was both accessible and actionable for team members at all levels of technical proficiency.

The client chose Evalueserve due to our deep understanding of their industry, marketing operations, and technical capabilities within web development, data engineering, and quality assurance (QA). The initiative was not just about choosing the right technology but also about ensuring it aligned with our client’s strategic marketing objectives and the daily needs of its marketing team.

Channel-specific revenue insights.

Phase I: Stakeholder Interviews

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the marketing team’s needs and goals, the project started with stakeholder interviews with the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and other marketing leaders. These interviews defined which KPIs would provide a holistic view of marketing's impact with an emphasis on long-term brand value. These interviews revealed that metrics such as customer acquisition costs, lifetime value, engagement rates, and conversions were the highest priority.

Phase II: BI Dashboard Creation

With key metrics decided, we started to work on a more integrated, dynamic BI tool to eliminate the blind spots that had plagued their marketing efforts. Based on their objectives, we recommended creating a a web-based dashboard with React.js for the frontend and Node.js for the backend, selected for their flexibility, performance, and ability to handle real-time data updates. We pulled data from various sources using ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools and built APIs to connect databases so all their marketing data would be centralized in this dashboard.

This robust technological foundation allowed the creation of a centralized, interactive dashboard that could seamlessly aggregate and visualize data to show marketing channel performance.

The development process used an agile methodology, with continuous input from the client’s marketing and data engineering teams. The project was delivered a week early, in an impressive four-month timeframe, a testament to the collaboration of both teams and the technology partners.

"We're highly impressed with the UI design; it's clean, modern, and intuitive."

— Group Director, Marketing & Customer Analytics

Business Impact

  • 25% improvement in data accuracy

  • 100s of hours saved in maintenance efforts

  • Decreased data retrieval time to 1-2 seconds

The new dashboard quickly became an integral tool for this retail giant’s marketing department. It is utilized in weekly marketing executive meetings to provide a clear, real-time overview of marketing performance across all channels. The dashboard has enabled executives to keep a pulse on ongoing campaigns, understand market dynamics, and make informed decisions swiftly.

On a daily basis, team members use the dashboard to evaluate the effectiveness of various marketing channels. The harmonized data displays an understandable view of what's been happening, highlighting successful initiatives and areas needing improvement. This level of insight was previously unattainable and has significantly enhanced the team's ability to respond to market changes and adjust strategies accordingly.

Monitor the performance of your brand perception.

The streamlined, intuitive nature of the new BI tool has led to significant time savings; where once hours were spent navigating cumbersome dashboards and compiling reports, team members can now access the insights they need with a few clicks. This efficiency has freed up valuable time for strategic thinking and creative problem-solving, shifting the focus from data management to data-driven decision-making.

Moreover, the ability to monitor real-time performance and quickly adjust marketing strategies has resulted in more efficient use of the marketing budget. The dashboard enables the team to allocate resources to high-performing channels and campaigns, optimizing the ROI on marketing spend.

The transformation of our client’s digital marketing analytics through developing and implementing a React- and Node.js-powered dashboard has enhanced how the retail giant approaches marketing decision-making. This solution has not only resolved the initial challenges of data fragmentation and inefficiency but has also set a new standard within the retail giant for how data can be leveraged for better decision-making.

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"The data retrieval process is incredibly efficient and seamless, which greatly enhances our UX."

— Senior Director, Marketing & Customer Analytics

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