Global Chemicals Company Modernizes Competitive Intelligence


A specialty chemicals client of 13 years asked Evalueserve to improve their competitive intelligence.  

They chose to implement our Insightsfirst competitive intelligence platform to make their intelligence more accessible, efficient, and actionable. 

The Challenge

The client’s team wanted real-time, up-to-date information on their competitors consolidated in a more simple and accessible manner so they could make impactful business decisions. They were drawn to our Insightsfirst platform for its adaptability to fit client needs. The client liked Insightsfirst’s modular scalability, with offerings ranging from market landscaping and competitive intelligence to MLA profiling and trend analysis. 

Our Solution

Our experts deployed a configured version of Insightsfirst for the chemicals company. The chemicals company’s users receive real-time competitive intelligence updates on the six main competitors they’ve chosen to track. With our real-time updates and customizable dashboards, these insights are available to all team members and can be turned into a concise report in a few clicks. In addition to this real-time intelligence, our domain experts deliver in-depth reports on the client’s six main competitors once a quarter.  

The key features of the client’s Insightsfirst platform are:   

  • An AI-based data collection engine improves efficiency and reduces the time taken to deliver competitive intelligence insights.   
  • The “Ask the Analyst” feature allows users to submit requests for additional research, ensuring that users have access to any and all insights they may require. 
  • Users can share comments and set up notifications across different departments and geographies, facilitating easier collaboration and communication. 
  • Users receive customized newsletters that relay competitive intelligence developments in their inboxes, so you can have power over what insights you want and when you want them. 

Business Impact

The specialty chemicals company’s team now has access to one source of truth on competitors that is always up to date with the latest intelligence. The client’s team now spends less time and energy gathering and finding relevant competitive intelligence – freeing up time for more mission-critical projects. Our reliable competitive intelligence insights help them drive better business decisions. Long-term, the client hopes to expand the usage of Insightsfirst beyond the pioneering team so that all lines of business can experience the difference it has made.  

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