Competitive Assessment of Fiduciary Marketing and Positioning for a Fortune 100 Financial Services Provider


A Fortune 100 Financial Services firm offering investment, advice and retirement solution wanted a comprehensive assessment to identify competitors marketing themselves as fiduciary and to understand client segmentation.

Evalueserve's Market & Competitive Intelligence team helped by conducting an in-depth competitor assessment study, thereby, identifying and evaluating the competitor’s fiduciary offerings and solutions. The client was then provided with the findings to highlight the various types of recordkeeping and investment fiduciary service offerings of the competitors to help them understand the fiduciary dynamics.

The Challenge

The Fortune 100 Financial Services firm wanted to conduct a deep dive analysis into the fiduciary product and service offerings of the competitors, understand the various aspects of their capabilities and get a comprehensive view about what they are doing in this space.

Our Solution

Our team conducted a detailed competitor assessment to help the client understand its competitors’ offerings:

  • Step 1: Competitor Analysis – It involved identifying and analyzing competitors’ firm on the service offerings around various retirement and non-retirement fiduciary services
    • The competitor analysis process involved scanning through company websites, product brochures and prospectus, and mining marketing databases to gather insights on the services offered to plan sponsors, participants or retail clients
  • Step 2: Competitor Matrix – The second step involved assimilating all the analysis done in step 1 and creating a table to list and compare the service offerings
    • This process helped the client provide a holistic view of competitor’s core fiduciary service offerings and their respective marketing strategy along with areas of focus including retirement, non-retirement and thought leadership, education and guidance services
Fiduciary Services Offered
Type of Fiduciary Service
Competitor 1
3(16) Fiduciary Services
Competitor 2
- 3(21) or 3(38) fiduciary services
- Trustee Services
Retirement, Non-Retirement
Competitor 3
Fiduciary and Trustee Services
Competitor 4
  • Step 3: Summary – The final step involved providing a summary of analysis to the client that helped them better understand the competitors’ offerings and their respective marketing and positioning strategy for plan sponsors and plan participants

Business Impact

  • The client achieved visibility into depth of competitors’ fiduciary service offerings
  • The study helped client in identification of success factors of market leaders to have a better outlook
  • The assessment also helped client realign and reposition their own service offerings and communication