Insightsfirst Enables Leading Telecom Manufacturer to Make Informed Decisions More Quickly

The Challenge

The telecom equipment company historically had trouble collecting relevant information on its competitors. They did not have a way to conveniently store the competitive intelligence for cross-team functionality and communication. Due to their issues with collecting and storing competitive intelligence, employees did not have a shared version of the truth, resulting in not necessarily agreeing on who their primary threats were.  Their executive leadership wanted a centralized platform that provided a better way to find, store, and share competitive intelligence within the organization.

Our Solution

Our experts and analysts tailored the Insightsfirst platform to address the client’s needs, creating one centralized place for users to find relevant competitive intelligence for their various business units.

Insightsfirst Key Features

The Insightsfirst platform tracked 25 of the client’s competitors. Compared to their previous solution, Insightsfirst provided a more intuitive user experience that allowed the client to easily navigate and search for the desired information. Insightsfirst offered SWOT analyses and a centralized portal for business needs and news tracking of competitors and established go-to-market channels.

After seeing the value-add to their organization by using Insightsfirst’s customized competitive intelligence offering, the client added our market and customer intelligence offerings, resulting in a truly comprehensive intelligence program for their employees to use.

The client’s platform now provides users with daily newsletters on competitive and customer intelligence, weekly newsletters on market intelligence, monthly roundup newsletters, and quarterly deep-dive reports into each of their 11 major competitors that our analysts prepare.

Business Impact

The client’s customized Insightsfirst portal had over 450 users within four months of launch. Today, the platform has 1,300 users within their company. The portal is the business news source of choice for many employees, featuring both high adoption and engagement rates. The number of active users of their customized Insightsfirst solution is 50% higher than the competitive intelligence industry average. Thanks to the portal’s prevalence, the client’s employees agree on who their main threats are and have comprehensive intelligence to back that up.

The client is in the market with fast-moving tech trends such as AI and automation, 5G, edge computing, and the Internet of Things. It is especially important to understand the players, competitive threats, and potential disruptors in such an innovative industry, so Insightsfirst has had a positive impact on the client’s ability to make informed, strategic decisions.

The ease of use and the quality of the in-depth analyses have enabled faster decision-making, as employees can quickly find relevant, high-quality intelligence to inform their decisions. The competitive, market, and customer intelligence provided by their customized Insightsfirst solution supports the telecom manufacturer’s strategy, commercial management, and partnership decisions.

The client now has the comprehensive intelligence program they were looking for, allowing them to adjust their strategy quickly, knowing they are looking at the full picture.

High engagement and adoption

of the platform by the client's employees; continues to add more users

Sped up the decision-making process

by immediately providing relevant competitive, customer, and market intelligence

Daily, weekly, and monthly newsletters

have helped draw users to the platform and keep engagement high