Conference Coverage Improves Biopharma Company’s Market Understanding


A Fortune 500 biopharma company wanted to improve its competitive intelligence (CI) efforts to drive long-term growth. They had challenges capturing critical information at industry conferences, processing that data, and quickly sharing insights.  

Using their AI-enabled Insightsfirst platform, Evalueserve provided a comprehensive conference coverage solution that included pre-conference planning, a hybrid approach of virtual and on-the-ground conference coverage, and post-conference analysis. The solution utilized AI and machine learning (ML) tools to create near-real-time deliverables, including live session recordings, transcripts, summaries, key highlights, and cross-event trends. The conference coverage solution has enabled the client to make informed decisions and facilitated a deeper understanding of the competitive and market landscape.  

The Challenge

A Fortune 500 global biopharmaceutical company wanted to maintain its competitive edge and promote long-term growth with effective CI. The biopharma company needed insights into the evolving early pipeline, the clinical landscape, the latest developments, disease trends, and new mechanisms of action (MoAs) to make strategic decisions. They needed to ensure they were covering critical industry conferences to gather valuable CI.

The biopharma company’s internal team had a limited capacity to capture all the critical information presented at medical conferences while also networking and collaborating at the event. Additionally, the CI team faced challenges quickly turning around key conference data and scanning, storing, and sharing it with cross-functional teams. Lastly, covering the conferences and managing the insights gathered left little time for the CI team to focus on strategic actions and decision-making based on the collected data.

Our Solution

Evalueserve implemented a comprehensive conference coverage solution for the biopharma company. Evalueserve leveraged its AI-enabled Insightsfirst platform to capture, curate, and analyze information gathered through conference sessions, exhibition halls, and interactions with key opinion leaders (KOLs) on the client’s competitors, novel assets, and emerging trends in the therapeutic space. 


  • Evalueserve’s experts conducted workshops with the biopharma company’s team to finalize the focus and priorities for the conference.  
  • An interactive conference planner initiated the framework for AI-based alerting, filtering, scheduling, tagging, and marking prioritization based on client’s preferences. 
  • The shortlisted conference sessions were placed in at-a-glance planners to provide a visual view of key sessions and timelines.  
  • Pre-conference analysis was conducted by running AI/ML tools on the published conference planner to provide a thematic overview and forecast expected conference trends.  

During Conference:  

Evalueserve utilized a hybrid virtual and on-the-ground conference coverage approach to optimize time and resources.  

The virtual team focused on capturing virtually available sessions using AI/ML tools that instantly generated the following deliverables:  

  • AI watched the video sessions and automatically created transcripts, summaries, and key highlights, which were available right after the session ended. 
  • AI took session snapshots and shared downloadable session slides. 
  • Poster text extraction, enabled by AI. 

The on-the-ground team focused on the following critical tasks, which could not be completed virtually:  

  • Booth coverage – gathering materials and taking pictures of how vendors and competitors presented themselves. 
  • Primary intelligence gathering – talking to and interviewing key people for extra insight and context. 
  • Interactions with KOLs – gathering trends and perspectives to share for market insights 

Our subject matter experts rapidly converted the collated information into insightful summaries by triangulating the primary, secondary, and conference data. These summaries were then uploaded to the Insightsfirst platform.  

Email alerts were triggered for client stakeholders on a near-real-time basis for consumption and internal circulation of insights of particular interest.  


Insightful post-congress reports were created and uploaded to Insightsfirst. These reports included:  

  • Executive summary for consumption of senior leadership 
  • Detailed session analyses for the core team 
  • Asset and theme-level deep-dive analysis  
  • Competitive benchmarking 
  • Triangulation with expert opinions 

In addition, a centralized document repository of low- and medium-priority sessions and posters was created for quick, easy reference in the future. 

Business Impact

Our holistic, AI-enabled conference coverage solution helped the biopharma company make informed strategic decisions for their therapeutic area. The conference coverage solution provided the client with a one-stop platform and easy access to session summaries and transcripts for dissemination in internal meetings and with key stakeholders.  

The platform allowed users to access and analyze those materials for months, even years, post-conference. The speed and on-the-go access to conference materials helped the client’s team focus on collaborative meetings at the conference while staying up-to-date. Primary intelligence gathered on the ground at conferences gave the biopharma company insight into competitors’ strategies and a deeper understanding of the space and physician opinions.  

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