Creation and Management of Data Assets for Monetization Opportunities

The Challenge

The client needed dedicated support to manage and update its data assets. It expected the support partner to handle multiple activities, including the following:

  • Creation and management of extensive data assets focused on the fintech ecosystem
  • Management and improvement of its ‘banking data pool’ assets
  • Delivery of custom research projects

Our Solution

We organized a two-week workshop for client stakeholders, created SLAs, and identified team responsibilities after a detailed proof of concept. We also created a growth plan for the Evalueserve team, as the key objective was to pick up more complex research and curation work to free up the client’s time.

Additional offerings (besides research and curation) to the client were:

  • Internal newsletters that tracked nearly 100 regulatory websites to bring out key insights into regulatory developments
  • Research on industry trends
  • Leveraging the internal quality checks to proofread client’s final deliverables

Business Impact

The engagement with Evalueserve resulted in a zero quality escalation situation for the firm’s proprietary services across a variety of work streams. The quality of deliverables created by its ad hoc teams significantly improved following the engagement. As a result, the client was able to successfully monetize its data assets to:

  • Provide multi-sector support in several niche areas
  • Focus on monetization by working on custom client requirements
  • Create tactical automation and data management to save hundreds of hours and improve its clients’ content management process
  • Improve skillsets with VBA and visualization upskilling programs
  • Take advantage of Evalueserve’s translation and design services, as needed