Data-Driven Insights Drive a Global Pharmaceutical Conglomerate’s GTM Strategy for a New Device ​Launch


A global conglomerate produced a patient-administered, portable multi-use device that enables oral inhalation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) for the acute treatment of migraine headaches, with or without aura, and the acute treatment of cluster headache episodes. 

The client wanted to evaluate this portable multi-use device’s potential adoption, coverage, and price acceptance. This evaluation required a deep understanding of patients’ preferences for these specific feature sets, their challenges with current medication, and overall price preferences. It also demanded understanding physicians’ device perceptions and their likelihood to prescribe it to patients.  

The Challenge

The global conglomerate wanted Evalueserve to help evaluate the business case for their Drug-Device combination product they plan to launch in the US for migraine treatment. Price, propensity, and market estimation for the product were of utmost importance. 

The client wanted Evalueserve to gain an understanding of the current market landscape of available migraine treatments, along with the drug pipeline.  

he client was also interested in obtaining a 360-degree perspective on the portable device’s product perception, adaptability, and coverage. 

Our Solution

Evalueserve proposed a combination of extensive secondary research, focused primary interviews, and surveys to derive essential insights for product development.

In addition, Evalueserve also forecasted the possible volumes the device could attain in the next 10 years using information from secondary and primary research.

  • Evalueserve provided strategic support for the client’s product development team to better understand market dynamics and make well-informed go/no-go decisions
  • Analysis of stakeholder perspective to gauge response on the product offerings, price, propensity, and willingness to switch treatments
  • Inputs from payers to determine the potential for healthcare coverage, and address any challenges that may hinder maximum coverage

Business Impact

  • While extensive secondary research gathered published evidence for setting up the base of the research, inputs from primary market research overcame data gaps and provided essential strategic insights for product development and positioning.  
  • Our analysis of the price propensity provided the much-needed input for developing the price model. 
  • A bottom-up, prevalence-based, 10-year US revenue forecast was prepared using secondary and primary research inputs backed by domain-specific expertise.  

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