Logistics Provider Improves RoI Using Comprehensive Data Strategy


A multibillion-dollar logistics provider wanted to drive more strategic decision-making with its data analytics efforts. They sought to improve their data management practices, develop a long-term analytics roadmap, and gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Specifically, they wanted to maximize customer lifetime value, as well as receive daily trailer forecasting and facilities benchmarking data.

The logistics provider’s C-suite met with Evalueserve experts and was intrigued by our digital transformation vision. Their leadership chose Evalueserve because of our modern approach that blends strategic advisement with best-in-class technology solutions.

Using a framework focused on high priority and RoI use cases, Evalueserve helped the client adopt a robust data strategy that transformed their business in three years. Our experts identified 139 potential use cases as priorities. The adoption rate of these prioritized use cases was between 90 and 100 percent. 

The Challenge

In the age of hyper-technology, organizations are collecting more data and are looking to analyze it in greater depth. The end goal is to use the insights from data analytics to fuel better business strategies. A multibillion-dollar logistics provider understood the importance of data analytics in decision-making. The logistics provider wanted to create a long-term roadmap to take their data analytics to the next level. More specifically, they wanted to maximize customer lifetime value and access high-quality freight analytics and trailer forecasting.

Choosing Evalueserve

The logistics provider’s C-suite was impressed with the digital transformation thought leadership of our founder, Marc Vollenweider, as exemplified in his book, “Mind+Machine: A Decision Model for Optimizing and Implementing Analytics.” In that book, Vollenweider discusses the necessity of interweaving technology with human intelligence — technology on its own lacks the domain knowledge to contextualize data and achieve real-world outcomes.

Evalueserve’s combination of analytics expertise with a consulting mindset was exactly what the logistics provider wanted, leading them to choose Evalueserve as their data analytics partner.

Our Solution

A Long-Term Roadmap

Logistics Provider Improves RoI Using Data Strategy

The above 10-step framework ensured our recommendations considered a variety of perspectives within the organization, including those of stakeholders, leaders, and business units. These interviews with leadership and stakeholders helped us understand the client’s objectives and identify relevant use cases.

The framework confirmed the relevance of our suggestions, and the client saw the benefits of using a long-term roadmap to shape their team and objectives. Often, organizations get stuck on short-term tactical digital initiatives. By implementing a long-term roadmap, the client achieved short-term initiatives and stayed aligned with objectives for the future. 

To meet the client’s objectives, our team introduced the solution in phases. The first phase focused on creating a long-term, 10-step analytics roadmap. The second phase focused on strategic elements, such as identifying high ROI use cases, conducting gap analyses, and ensuring high operationalization and adoption rates within the organization. 

Focus on Strategic Elements

Our team shifted focus onto strategic elements of the solution such as RoI, level of adoption, and level of operationalization. This helped the client improve their data management practices and sustain a long-term competitive advantage.

Data Strategy Helps Logistics Provider Improve RoI

ROI-Focused Solutions

Rather than aiming for quantity, the client’s roadmap should be full of changes that bring measurable and impactful RoI. We identified use cases that would bring short-term and long-term impact to the client. Next, we prioritized them based on the following criteria, which ensured the success of the selected use cases:

  • Complexity of the project,
  • RoI of the project,
  • Universality,
  • Integrity of the data,
  • Strategic alignment, and
  • Ease of implementation.

This criterion enabled our team to identify a total of 145 use cases across the client’s business units and prioritize 139 use cases.

Our experts not only identified use cases for the client to focus on, but they also performed a gap analysis that detailed the requirements for successfully carrying out these use cases. They assessed the client’s current capabilities and identified where the client might need help.

High Adoption

We wanted to make sure the client would quickly adopt the solutions. Our experts conducted leadership and stakeholder interviews to understand the specific issues business functions struggled with during the adoption of certain data practices.

We encouraged long-term adoption of our solutions by creating and hosting “Art of Possible” and design thinking workshops. These workshops helped stakeholders understand data’s importance and spot areas in their business units where data analytics could be applied. The workshops also kept teams aligned and focused. We also supported the client in creating their Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE). 

Business Impact

"With Evalueserve as our partner, we could take our analytics maturity further than ever before. I am very excited to see where this will go in the future."

Using the framework helped our client adopt a robust data strategy that transformed their business in three years. The adoption rate of selected digital initiatives ranged from 90 to 100 percent, which directly contributed to the client’s rapid business transformation.

Using advanced algorithms, we provided facilities benchmarking data and demand forecasting and helped the client maximize customer lifetime value.

Taking these great strides in such a short amount of time cemented the effectiveness of digital transformation for the client. They now maintain a three- to five-year analytics roadmap, staying ahead of best practices and industry trends. The client, who only a few years ago had no data strategy in place, now has a plan to scale artificial intelligence.

90-100% adoption rate

of our recommendations and projects.

145 Use Cases Identified

and recommended based on a data-driven framework that balanced various business goals.

Rapid business transformation

across functions (sales, HR, finance, etc.). This was thanks to the buy-in and rapid adoption rate of our data strategy.

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