Design Support for Brand Adherence and New Visual Expression

The Challenge

  • Multiple dispersed contracts across various marketing and design agencies for addressing all design needs across marketing channels ranging from print, presentation, and online media assets for campaigns
  • Inconsistent enforcement of brand leading to inconsistency across proposals and other business documents
  • Manage the pipeline of research and analytics requests from business functions and teams when request volumes peak and cannot be handled internally

Benefits Achieved 

  • Faster time to market for time sensitive campaigns and thought leadership launches due to expanded hours of coverage using design teams based in Chile and India.
  • High quality and creative support for more than 100,000 requests since 2007
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness through the introduction of a customized request management tool
  • Accelerated delivery for transactional marketing assets by building a focused repository of ready-to-use concepts, frameworks, infographics, illustrations, and page layouts
  • Accurate and faster survey reporting through the automation of data, showcasing survey results, in presentation format

Our Approach

The client was seeking a team that could support its marketing and business groups on campaigns, client communication, and research, used both for internal and external marketing and business development. To understand the requirement, Evalueserve conducted a workshop for each member team that it now supports within the client organization. We worked closely with design and survey analytics services users. Following a detailed analysis, we recommended

  • A team of designers, researchers, and analysts
  • An exclusive team mix of publishing managers, art directors, visualizers, designers, illustrators, formatting specialists, and programmers to cater to the varied requirements of entities within the firm
  • Multi-center coverage and distribution for short turnaround on design edits and fastmoving transactional assets, such as social media communication
  • An evolving product portfolio customized to meet the campaign and marketing objectives of a function or a sector
  • Clearly defined processes that listed the responsibilities of relevant stakeholders
  • Frequent and open discussions with client teams

Our Solution 

The steamlined creative as well as production support from EVS has helped the consulting firm’s team focus on their core departmental duties rather than continually recreating materials from scratch. Their effectiveness and the quality of their output is greatly enhanced, and their promotional materials reflect a professional and consistent image across platforms. Evalueserve offers creative support for following solutions

Creation of Print and Online Media Assets

Evalueserve’s team of designers and visualizers work with the client’s marketing managers or inhouse designers to understand a campaign. Following a need analysis, Evalueserve’s design managers craft visual mock-ups that address the underlying business objectives of a campaign. This visualization is used to create a unified theme across print and online design assets. Evalueserve supports client teams by designing flagship publications, survey reports, thought leadership papers, presentations, products that need interactive data visualization, and social media communication material.

Proposal formatting

The consulting firm requires its proposals to convey a highly professional and consistent look. Proposals are usually organic documents, created by combining information from different functions across the organization. Evalueserve helps format multiple sources of information to suit brand-approved templates, and works with proposal advisors to visualize the sections that need creative representation.

Marketing Support Services

 Evalueserve provides content gathering and data reporting support on research and survey requests. The project team supports issues briefings, strategic initiatives analysis, rapid research, company profiles, and executive profiles.

Business Impact

Throughout a 10+ year relationship, Evalueserve has supported the firm by providing design, survey analytics, and secondary research services. Each of these service groups entail highly customized inputs aimed at meeting unique requirements. Some of the key advantages of the engagement are

  • Streamlined creative and production support, which has freed up the firm’s teams to focus on their core departmental duties
  • Greatly enhanced effectiveness and quality of output
  • Professional and consistent image for promotional material across platforms
Evaluate the go-to-market (GTM) strategies

for key recycling technologies, by identifying potential

Assess return on investments (ROI)

by understanding the cost and process economics

Support the inorganic growth strategy

by identifying lucrative partners for collaboration

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