ESG Support for a Multinational Financial Services Firm


Evalueserve leverages its research and modeling capabilities to provide ESG support to its client, a multinational financial services firm, and its ESG-oriented teams.

The Challenge

The client sought assistance creating sustainability-specific pitch materials for their ESG advisory teams within their CIB division. Previously, the client faced difficulties maintaining their ESG databases and conducting comprehensive ESG research. 

Our Solution

To produce the pitch materials, Evalueserve partners with the client to conduct thematic research and peer benchmarking on ESG partnerships. Furthermore, our team provides ESG support across coverage groups: FIG, DCM, E&P, M&A, and valuations. The team assumes diverse responsibilities, tailoring solutions to fit the client's unique needs.

  • Developing and Delivering Newsletters: Providing regular updates with ESG highlights, ensuring that relevant information reaches stakeholders.
  • Maintaining Databases: Focusing on Green Bonds to aid in investment and funding decisions.
  • Researching ESG Structured Products: Comprehensive studies to understand market trends and opportunities.
  • Developing Statistical Models: Creating models to cover ESG scores, thereby enhancing predictive and decision-making capabilities.
  • Supporting Ad Hoc Research: Analyzing specific aspects such as board diversity, emissions data, ESG score information

Business Impact

The collaboration with Evalueserve creates remarkable advantages for client:

  • Disseminating ESG-Specific Knowledge: By creating targeted content, information about ESG spreads widely and quickly across the CIB group.
  • Providing Holistic Insights on ESG: Our extensive research provided insights that enable the client to approach ESG with a comprehensive perspective.
  • Target Screening: Our tailored ESG support helps the client identify and focus on key targets with their ESG objectives.


Evalueserve's partnership with the multinational financial service firm's ESG advisory team marked a significant stride in promoting sustainable practices in banking. Our versatile ESG support and relentless pursuit of excellence allowed us to create value across various domains, from newsletters to pitch materials.

In addition, the project's success is a testament to Evalueserve's commitment to providing innovative solutions that align with global ESG goals. By leveraging our expertise, we contribute to the client's journey toward a more responsible and sustainable financial landscape.

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